Mass Scrolling: complete


There were more people showed up than I expected

Few of them helped me to hold the cheap equips,
I got donated 6 30% Bow, Above avg Gold Arund,
30% bait scrolls, capes, cross bows, and other things
from people.

allanbatman, a Windian Ranger and another Windian (?)
came and watched scrolling.

It was a pleasure to have u there


I used up 30% Bow scrolls while there were 5+ clean bows
that were still untouched.

all 90, 90, 91, 91 clean Metus either broke or none of them worked








When I 30% Top/Bottom/shield, I want them all to break/fail.
and look at this


Godly Stolen Fence >__>







Sold the Gold Arund to Ooll7021oO
He spent indirectly 500 mil for this bow.


the total Frapped video clips were over 20.6 Gb big
(high quality 🙂 )

It was a fun and exciting experience.

This time, the video is going to be more interesting than the last one 😉


25 Responses to Mass Scrolling: complete

  1. windjungj says:

    congrats? lol. how much did you actually spend for all those bows and scrolls anyways ~_~ and how much profit did you think you got in the end xD

  2. Zankarst says:

    Wow, these arunds are pretty damn nice.

    *keeps looking for decently scrolled Ravens*

  3. batcave says:

    pokes self in screenie yay … final day looking like a 5x sin … 😛 it was alot of fun over 1 hour of fun to be exact 😛 sell those bows … so you can do it again 😛

  4. B0WJOB says:

    That’s what my RL friends told me too
    You know what? I enjoy scrolling xD

  5. Jackovitch2 says:

    Haha it was alot of fun to be there aswell

    i will look forward to watch the video

  6. allanbatman says:

    it was my pleasure to be there, thanks for letting me ^_^

  7. Jackk says:

    Wow, you’re pretty lucky, to be able to fail 7 30’s and STILL not break that metus D: I gotta go to class soon so I’ll leave a more in depth comment later.

  8. B0WJOB says:

    actually i ran out of 30% scrolls and just went ahead 10% .___.

  9. allanbatman says:

    so are u keeping or selling ?

  10. B0WJOB says:

    Probably keep the 109 att.
    I don’t think there are rangers in Khaini who
    can really afford it….who knows. we’ll see.

  11. allanbatman says:

    so ur gonna sell 1 of the 109?

  12. B0WJOB says:

    it’s already sold to Ooll7021oO,
    he traded his bow and mesos…

  13. allanbatman says:

    wow lol bow atk and how much?

  14. hermitcity says:

    congrats, use all the earnings on more bows until you make the best on in your server.

  15. B0WJOB says:

    thanks. But I am afraid it takes a while to sell these bows

  16. IrisCammia says:

    Hey… nice scrolling! thanks for sharing it with us ^^. You r dam luck guy! i have tried like 10 or more 30% on my bow and none of them worked =( , and it always destroys the iten. I think my scrolls is 100% to fail and 100% to destroy! =P
    cya arund! ^^

  17. IrisCammia says:

    for thoses who enjoy scrolling and don get money to do so,
    here is a scroll simulator:
    very funny!
    worked 5 30% in a row! =DDD
    * don no whose site is this, so no credits. sorry

  18. Zankarst says:

    b> 109att raven.

    srsly, i can’t even find one.

    i’d even be happy with a 105 ._.

    josh, next year, do some ravens, kk? ;D

  19. B0WJOB says:

    i have a 103 (?) 3 slots Casa Crow
    it was originally a 5 slot one and i had 2 30% worked :p

    I m gonna find 3 30% xbow scrolls and finish it off

    maybe i get lucky

  20. kazen says:

    HOLY CRAP nice aruns there~~!!! gratz

  21. allanbatman says:

    how indirectly did he spent 500 mil?

  22. Jess (fallenbesideyou) says:

    Hey Ummm how do I put more than one picture on a page?!?!?!?! Send the answer to my account fallenbesideyou

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