I was looking for Jack/ALastReprise’s level
on the ranking for this thread on Basil and
I found this:

just something unexpected :p


8 Responses to Hi XxB0WJ0BxX

  1. Zankarst says:

    Wow, Josh’s IGN sure is popular :]

  2. TimeMaverick says:

    Oh! I saw that! I thought about messaging you and telling you about it, but I guess you found it yourself. I had a slight moment of doubt about whether you came up with the original name or whether it was he who did it.

  3. Jackk says:

    zomg, someone stalks me on rankings?!?! No wai! Despite having no computer, I managed to gain 20% today. *goes to check if I passed him*

  4. Zankarst says:

    How do you do that “Read the rest of the Entry >>” thing? o.O

    Be useful if I make a lengthy post ._.

  5. evananswers says:

    lol dude, you should check out all teh things similar to iSniped. apparently theres an iSniper in khaini. funny stuff.. *oo and an iSnyped somewhere* xD

  6. Yoda says:

    Lol, same happened to me; my IGN is StarVVars and there’s a guy called StarWars in the same world as me. My friend was adding me to his guild, and he says, “What the?! How come you’re right in front of me but it says you’re not in my channel! Are you hacking?!”

  7. kazen says:

    haha youll pass jack for sure ~ hes the king of AFKs

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