Totally worth the money

Happened on Sunday

Selling a [friend who quits MS] 7 att Brown Work Glove for 6 mil,
(Got price check for 6~7 mil)
an Archer came and left a message in my shop
asking me if he can buy for 5 mil,
he has 3 mil meso and a glove that he can sell for 2 mil.
I told him I’ll lower the price to 5 mil,
come back with the money and buy the glove.




“What the heck,” I thought, “I’ll make his day”





I sold it for 3 mil because I remember how it felt
being a lower level without much meso. Plus,
he’s an Archer and I like Archers =p

I just didn’t expect he’d be this exhilarated.



I think I did the right thing.


And that’s what I have told my friends before:

Instead of NPC the ordinary drops you get from training,
give it to people that needs them.

Either you get little money from NPC it,
or you might make someone’s day.


13 Responses to Totally worth the money

  1. Yoda says:

    After 10 minutes of thinking what to say,

    This is what makes Maple a better place. 🙂

    Btw, I’m gonna 60% my Maple soul searcher soon! Hope they work since all my previous 60%’s failed xD

  2. B0WJOB says:

    oh man, Good luck on the Soul Searcher !

  3. Carstel says:

    You really, just made my day — by sharing this.
    I’m 100% agreeing with Yoda, You really showed the old, fun maple spirit with this 😀

    Can you remove my link? I deleted the XBOW, and I’m restarting it on Scania.

  4. B0WJOB says:

    oh sure.

    honestly I didn’t feel comfortable sharing this story
    because I wonder if I’m just trying to publish
    myself and make other thinks about good things about me.

    but then again, this is my MS blog
    where i put up things that happened in my “MS life” (lol ms life)

    so yea.

    and just FYI, i had 1 hr of sleep so my english probably isnt that good in this comment. whatever.

  5. Carstel says:

    It’s okay, my English is hardly any better. Even with7 hours of sleep~

    Who cares what other people think? I mean, your a generally nice person anyway, so this post doesn’t come as a shock to me. (I like to lurk ^-^)

    lol ms life, I wish I had one of those, I just sign in, and talk & occasionally grind~ 🙂 Seriously though, haha. I’m a hardcore loser on ms 🙂 And I don’t care a biiiiit.

  6. Stelo says:

    I wish someone like you when I’m short some cash and need cash but anyways… I quit Ms because of my crappy hermit. KR for me.

  7. kazen says:

    omg what a really good deed here! and yeah i know what you mean when your low level >< mesoless and cold with crappy equip ^^

    i salute

  8. shyMAYHEM says:

    thanks b0wjob for the green ades.
    it’ll last me awhile until i scroll my own ;x

  9. Yoda says:

    4 out of 6 60% scrolls worked! I’m gonna 100% the last slot, so my Soul Searcher is 2 att higher than +7 with 100%s. I also got a HUGE attack boost from the scrolling. xD

    Yeah I gave away a lv28 mage robe to a lv51 crusader because he asked for it and we were training together. xD (I’m lv46)

  10. B0WJOB says:

    dont 100% it…. .___.

  11. Yoda says:

    Why not? I’m not rich like you… 400k is a lot for me. ._.

  12. tehuntz0r says:

    That’s a really nice thing you did, man.

    I remember meeting you in Khaini!
    I needed a little help on whether i made a good decision when i bought two clean arunds for a cheap price. You reassured me that it was a good deal, and then bought them from me!

    Made my day too ^_^

  13. M o t t y . ? (mop123) D= says:

    I remember when you gave me money on my noob sin xD i was soo happy. but lol. your too kind x3.

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