Is this real ? =x

December 28, 2007

saw it on Basil ~_~


This is “GM Glove ATT scroll”

The Khanji reads:
(note: Khanji is Japanese language that uses Chinese character.

“GM only [Not for public]
Success rate: 100%, +3 Att”



could be fake. But darn it, if this is real
AND if this is open to public 😦
then making a total godly item will not be impossible…


Christmas Spirit

December 24, 2007



HKMS – part 1

December 22, 2007

Screenshots from 4 days of hanging out in Hong Kong MS:


There’s no PIN NUMBER for your account.

However, there’s a secondary password
which you need it when you delete your character
or to gain access to your storage





I like their server name: “Snow-zilla” (My interpretation)
The name itself is similar to “Godzilla”

edit: thank you KianPoh for the correct info

“Actually its not snowzilla…
its just chinese name of yeti o.O
Aramia is a npc where you give him powder kegs
that drop from monsters and when the keg bar fulls,
she will summon a lot of fake bosses. “


So far there’s only 10 channels.
Ch 1 FM Entrance is empty, for they don’t have Permit yet.


“OMG B0WJOB you are lvl 130 you so high lvl omg you rock”

Not anymore when I’m in HKMS~


Feels ‘fresh’ becoming a noob once again :p



Don’t know if GMS has this NPC. From what she says,
I think she can help you make some fireworks,
and monsters drop fire powder and other items.




World Tour is not out yet~

Recently some boss monsters are running around in other maps.
I’m guessing they are fake boss monsters. I can’t find out. Since –



I can’t kill one -.-



This post is just showing some screenshots from HKMS.
There will be more SS and some stories

I realized how much 5k meso means to a noob like me (a 1x Archer)




Outside of MS, as a dude who likes Paul Van Dyk’s music,
I just found this song on YouTube
and not only I was mesmerized by the song
but I also loved the story of the music video.

I smiled at the end of the video 🙂

Paul Van Dyk – The Other Side


and btw, I changed my new profile pic.
I think my new hair looks kinda similar to B0WJOB’s, eh ? :p

Coming up – Adventure in HKMS

December 20, 2007

Next blog is going to be my experience
in Hong Kong MS, including GM, events,
(GM doesn’t know when 3rd job is coming out?)
(They need KMS staffs to fix programming problems?)
(I right click a GM and hit “report”…guess what happened ? xP )

and mostly some screenshots.



The chat box reads:

Player: Release 3rd job, there’s over 30 players thats lvl 70+
B0WJOB: its not her fault… (addressing tonight’s event incident)
Player: Release 3rd job, there’s over 30 players thats lvl 70+
GM MushyPrincess:
I’m going to work on the problems with this game (?)
(She speaks Cantonese-Chinese, I can’t fully comprehend it)




Meanwhile, im going to hit the gym

and have delicious 火鍋 tonight ^o^



in the mean time, scroll down and
watch the 2 minute video clip by Will Ferrell
that he put on the internet and got over 50 million views

Will Ferrell – The Landlord

December 20, 2007

Though I enjoy some of Will Ferrell’s movies,
I’m never a big fan of his.

I gotta say, this short video clip by him really got me tho.
Guess what? This clip got over 50 million views.
I think people tried to put this on YouTube
but YT took it down. So here’s a direct link to the vid


Watch The Landlord

FIRST GMS DK solo’d Zakum

December 19, 2007

Jack/ALastReprise told me this on MSN:

Successful 3rd Job Zakum Solo!!!!

BSUCLA of Bera spent 8 hours and 10 minutes
and killed Zakum himself. Congrats 😮

Sinon on a celui-ci

December 18, 2007

I’ve been learning some new heros from DoTA
lately. I usually only play 2 heros, and I
wanted to expand more…

Vengeful Spirit is fricking amazing !
I played 1:1 against computer
and with Nether Swap and Magic missles
I killed the opponent hero 8 times easily xD

DoTA is fun dude :p .


When I was checking my blog stat
I noticed a few clicks from a Maple forum site
I have never heard of.

I went to the forum and saw it was a
French Maple forum on Bowman

They linked iangelial, LordUhai’s blog there,
and someone linked my blog too.
Here’s his description of my blog:

Sinon on a celui-ci. Rarement mise à jour.
Mais c’est un gars sympathique et qui fait
des jolis mass-scrolling. Un autre bowman.


Our friend AltaVista translator translates:

“If not there is this one. Seldom updated.
But it is a guy sympathetic nerve and
who makes pretty mass-scrolling.
Another bowman. “

Oui. seldom updated xP

Bonjour, Maplers Français. Comment allez-vous ?
Je me sens honoré pour être lié (linked). Fierté d’archer !