Few new pictures

2007 – Hong Kong

Some people have told me they want to see
more of my pictures. Your support encouraged me
otherwise I’d be lazy to post them and keep them
to myself instead =p










12 Responses to Few new pictures

  1. batcave says:

    that first building looks amazing !! and the pool looks nice but the best thing has got to be the seafood shop zomg so many colours looks ecky and the hanging meat pic is also nice …. great stuff b0w

  2. IrisCammia says:

    OMG! Look those dead animals =( do u eat them? where is ur mercy?

  3. B0WJOB says:

    you sound like a vegetarian IrisCammia 😮

  4. IrisCammia says:

    Yes I Am! =P

  5. Stelo says:


    I like the pool one.

  6. Zankarst says:

    HK Market is unique.

    *wants to go back* ._.

  7. Nameisinuse says:

    The pool table picture is trippy, it looks like they are all moving inward.

  8. B0WJOB says:

    to me it looks like those balls are charging/attacking the ones inside =p

  9. kazen says:

    impressive as always~! impressive…

    wut camera and lens are this?

  10. Zankarst says:

    I believe you have yourself a deal, Josh.

    I’ll scrounge around for some 30% scrolls.

  11. kimitoissho says:

    hello 🙂 im from jms haha ur a good inspiration for me nd just hope you keep on posting ur maple pictures too!

    P.S ur Hong Kong picture is beautifully ugly ^^

  12. timemaverick says:

    These look awfully professional. You should definitely get a job working for some newspaper. Then again, I don’t really know anything about photography. >.>

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