A Bowmaster

I would say IAngelial from MSea is a true Bowmaster


Her blog shows that she lives a life of a Bowmaster.

If you like archers (or just have a passion for MS)

I would recommand you to take a room at her site,

maybe bookmark it too .

ok iangelial where’s my advertising money

G. Zero Says:
December 9, 2007 at 5:52 am   edit

This only shows how little you know about SEAsian culture.
What she does is perfectly normal to what a lot of other
Singaporeans / Malaysians do.”


17 Responses to A Bowmaster

  1. Yoda says:

    Her blog seems too high-leveled for me. ._.
    I mean, spending hundreds of MILLs? One mill is a lot already… 0.o

  2. cipi says:

    i 2nd to that josh. i love angeliaaa. 😀

  3. cipi says:

    btw, when are we ganna mass boom boom scarabs? ;D

    i already have 24 scarabs already. lololol

  4. batcave says:

    what mass boom boom of what scarabs !! i wanna watch rawr
    iangelial is pretty awesome cant wait to see her with max soa and concentrate and stuff she does 10-13k per arrow with level 20 soa and level 20 sharpeyes and level 20 concentrate … she is probably gonna get alot stronger over then next 2-3 weeks 😛
    hopefully we get a good xmas patch this year or im gonna play on my ps3 , xbox 360 and wii over the xmas holiday…. and i dont want to :*(

  5. B0WJOB says:

    cipi, we’ll talk about your scarabs in game .__.

  6. B0WJOB says:

    xMas patch will be irrelevant to me. since i wont be MSing for i’ll be in Hong Kong for 3 weeks and im not interested to attempt to bypass the IP block

  7. Goggyfour says:

    I watched all her vids, but it only reminded me of how much GMS sucks.


  8. evananswers says:

    *cries*.. too bad shes weak >.>
    i expected her o be godly equipped.

  9. urbanways says:

    0.0; that’s not weak… think of it… most people who even get close to her level play for like 2+ years and she achieved all that in literally 1 year (if you look at the days it recently hit 350 days) and the fact that she started off in a server that was new meant the godly items and scrolls were not there for her to just buy with meso and not to mention the fact that she has done so much (look at her achievements list).

    Iunno IMO shes definatly a really big inspiration to be a bowman but like Goggyfour mentioned it kinda does just make GMS seem that much crappier… but we’ll get there soon and B0wjob can be the Male Angelia LOL

  10. batcave says:

    umm i think she is a robot …
    “I’ll be training at skeleton dragon maps everyday for 8~16 hours. My target is to gain at least 30% a day.”
    8-16 hours for 30% … at skelagons and she has 2x exp every day …. if i train for 8 hours or even 16 hours and dont get 3-5% an hour during 2x exp at the best available training map so far for 4th jobbers skelagons … i would freak out and stop playing.

  11. B0WJOB says:

    that, and she also makes videos and release them like some TV show.
    seems like she’s a machine

  12. Jackk says:

    Josh, I agree. I enjoy reading her blog. Now where’s my advertisement?!

  13. batcave says:

    the videos + look at how much she writes … I couldnt think of that much to write about my whole maple carreer let alone right that much every 4 days and the screenies and the actual playing and the neatness …. braniac would be in awe if he met her …and he is the god of multi tasking computers.

  14. G. Zero says:

    This only shows how little you know about SEAsian culture. What she does is perfectly normal to what a lot of other Singaporeans / Malaysians do.

  15. B0WJOB says:

    your right i know almost nothing about MSea culture
    since I never had a chance or time or willingness to
    get to know the culture =p

  16. xiyuuna says:

    -.- I found this chick awhile ago, along with Mikkiyanki. Everyone is late (because I’m OCD about ranger videos) But she’s awesome >_< and a machine and is a true inspiration.

    Xiyuuna (day 1 of her 3day ban)

  17. B0WJOB says:

    O_o How did you get a ban ???

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