8 Responses to :D

  1. urbanways says:

    err… is this a movie? lol I don’t really get it… kinda looks like a vampire movie

  2. Goggyfour says:

    The dark knight is another name for batman.

  3. Zankarst says:

    So batman’s gonna be wearing emo makeup and lipstick?

    Thanks a lot D.C. Comics! 😥

  4. batcave says:

    the new joker loooks fareeeaaaakehhh

  5. starvvars says:

    Batman drawing graffiti on the wall? Lol

    Btw, I made my own WordPress blog today.


  6. urbanways says:

    holy crap how did i miss that? lol i was looking at the bloody bat that i thought of 30days of night and totally didnt notice it was batman… It seems pretty cool lol I’m definatly gunna watch it if i have time… lol

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