Zakum, Vistas, 225 Mil

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DopeTurtle’s Zakum run today:
2 parties with buyers, each person brought 4+ apples
hackers got into and hogged the altar
fortunately the altar was open after 1 hour.

It was intense, and the attack range was big =p




Fortunately I have no lag at all this time 😀

Sometimes after Zakum is down to 3rd body:


Ownage >__>

The run was a success I believe.
I think two buyers died, not sure.
But it’s cool to experience first hand of
seeing Khaini shift the Zakum party
from “Must have CB blow mesos” to
“what CB? we got apples lulz”



In other news, jwolfrush1 first sold his Dragon shine bow
and then came to me to purchase my 107/2 Arund
since he wants a better attack bow.

That was a smart move since I’d feel a bit bad
if I don’t sell the bow.
Well, my long time friend DaTrueGoof was also
interested in buying that bow (so are some other rangers)
but I convinced Goof to sell the bow to Wolf



Cha ching ! $$ 😀



After the trade wolf said something lik
“wow, this was Ooll7021oO’s :o~”

Chris if you name tagged that bow I probably could’ve
sold it fo mo’ meso hehe.


Didn’t some famous mage name tagged a Wooden wand and
someone bought it for 5 mil ? (saw it on sw ages ago)


18 Responses to Zakum, Vistas, 225 Mil

  1. batcave says:

    grats on making meso !! get inspired to do another b0wjobpalooza

  2. shymayhem says:

    ahhh…i need tissues ;_;
    now i need to save 2B+ for your 109 arund…boo~

  3. B0WJOB says:

    honestly i’d like to save the 109 for myself >__<

    i just made a 113/4 dex Casa Crow (4/5 30% worked,
    it was a 5 slots Casa to start off with xD)

    wanna buy lol.

    i have a 104 metus on sale tho~~

  4. batcave says:

    josh sell everything b4 the patch … god knows in what sink hole the economy will be after tomorrow … maybe you have till the first server check after the patch but thats about it then the economy goes kabooms.

  5. B0WJOB says:

    I’ve read on sw that people say prices will drop
    I’ve had people leave messages in my shops
    offering 30 mils for my 103/4 Gold Hinkel

    you know what? I don’t care.
    If the price is gonna drop even more
    and these bows will go for like, 20 mil each,
    I’m not selling it.

    I rather NOT sell the bow than to compromise
    and sell it for a cheap price.

    This might sounds foolish but i love these bows I scrolled.

    and it’s not like I’m dying to need more mesos.

    you do have a point; I did have think of that before.

    But i rather not sell my bows than to sell it
    for 30 mil for my Gold hinkel. I find it humiliating :p

  6. batcave says:

    well humiliating or not if you havent sold your arunds by january expect prices to drop alot cause its only a level 80 bow and the level 90-110 stuff will drop in leafre.

  7. batcave says:

    as for the hinkel i doubt the price will drop as level 70’s will still be using them and stuff but the level 80 bows with all the bowmasters and ppl 90+ selling their arunds at the same time to upgrade to sexy nisrocks and dragon shiners …. i mean the price is bound to drop.

  8. Yoda says:

    Wow, nice.

    Btw, how do you post links while writing a new post? (I wanna link the 4th job info on my blog, but it only shows the address of the page)

  9. evananswers says:

    yes, i was friends with that mage lol.. Starmiles in bera.. she sold an item tagged wooden wand for 5mil, legit.
    She was like.. rank 2 then, so yazzz =P.

  10. shymayhem says:

    that’s cool.
    i might have to try my hand at mass scrolling o.O

  11. Jackk says:

    109 atk arunds in Scania are 180 mill with no offers, lol.

    I’ll update my blog after my exam tomorrow. You’ll probably “lol” at the story about my Hinkel. Saved by sleep, perhaps I should go do that now, I have a final tomorrow at 8:30 am, lol.

  12. Zankarst says:

    b> that casa :[

    just 170% more til I can use it ^______^

  13. Jackk says:

    Josh, another thing: How much are Khaini zak helms now?

  14. Way says:

    oo whoops i shouldn’t of whisper and disturbed u while u were zrun, lol. Do you know who has Nisrocks now adays? just curious. I hbought a golden one a week ago.

  15. B0WJOB says:

    I know xiyuuna has one, not sure about others

  16. vasdeferens says:

    It was definitely starmiles.

    Do people ever glitch apples for zakum in khaini?

  17. vasdeferens says:

    you’ve never heard of glitching? use an apple, go into cash shop, come out 5 hours later, and your apple will last for 4 hours.

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