Stay tuned

Have I mentioned that I scrolled a Casa Crow when
I mass scrolled at the end of November?

it was a 5 slots Casa Crow to begin with,
and during mass scrolling I had 2 30% worked
on it.

Earlier this week Zankrast/Sn1ppler
provided me wit 3 30% xbow scrolls
and I finished the Casa Crow… with amazing result xD

I got the time to put everything into a small, simple
video at the last hour before friend came pick me up
to give me a ride to Dallas airport at 5:30 am on Thursday

I have the video saved on my USB.
Just arrived Hong Kong last midnight,
everything is amazing. Weather in Hong kong is so fineee 😀

anyway, I’ll put up a video of how I finished my last 3 slots
of the 4/5 30% Casa Crow

when I have time this weekend. It should worth a watch.


and Jack, Zakum helm was originally 150 mil
but SNZ first lowered the price to gain buyers,
then TaintedSoul followed the same and dropped
the price even lower.
That forced the Z helm price in Khaini (DopeTurtle included)
from 150 mil to 100 mil.

Thanks to SNZ and TS now buyers can spend less for a helm.


4 Responses to Stay tuned

  1. Zankarst says:

    I can wear that Casa in about 99%

    Thanks for letting me borrow it =p

  2. B0WJOB says:

    np it has good damage ? 😀

  3. batcave says:

    glad you got there safe and sound will you be back in time for 4th job patch in jan 15-16 ?

  4. B0WJOB says:

    meh. sure. why not.

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