30% Cursed scrolls…I’m figuring you out

Too bad I didn’t get a SS of it,
but like I mentioned in the earlier post,
I had a 5 slots Casa Crow
(from a international/yudd who quit MS)
and when I mass scrolled at the end of November
I intended to scroll the Casa as one of the baits
but turn out 2 30% Crossbow scroll worked,
leaving 3 slots untouched.

This is how I finished the last 3 slots of the Casa Crow

Since my first big scrolling since lvl 70,
I’ve always used “bait scrolls” while scrolling items.
That was the message I tried to show in my

“B0WJOB’s Scrolling Story”


If you pay attention to the video,
You’ll see me using some random 30% scrolls
(and hope they fail) before I make my move
on the real deal: 30% Crossbow scroll




I thought for a moment wishing only if I started scrolling
this Casa Crow with a clean 7 slots instead of 5 slots to being with..

But on the other hand, having 2 more slots meaning having
2 more chances of breaking it. So overall I made a 4 30% Casa Crow,
but I felt accomplished to the fact
that I got 4 30% worked out of 5 slots.


6 Responses to 30% Cursed scrolls…I’m figuring you out

  1. kimitoissho says:

    XD god i love your scrolling skills >_> i fail 😦

  2. windjungj says:

    Hey B0wJob, did you know 4th job is coming out before February 2008 (in GMS that is)? I’m just spreading the word:
    Here’s my proof:

    Originally from sleepywood.net and Basil Market. Here are the leaked images from the notice taken from the codes for the Ver. 0.48 patch.

    Enjoy~ spread the word!

  3. urbanways says:

    Thanks for the statistics B0wjob lol now when i get rich I’ll be sure to try to do some of this myself LOL

  4. Yoda says:

    Nice! Congrats on the Casa Crow B0w! 😀
    Wish I had the luck…

  5. CaliRolls says:

    yo sup this is OMGbakacaster from sw.net I am a fan of yours
    Good Luck scrolling.

    Ps. I love your IGN

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