Sinon on a celui-ci

I’ve been learning some new heros from DoTA
lately. I usually only play 2 heros, and I
wanted to expand more…

Vengeful Spirit is fricking amazing !
I played 1:1 against computer
and with Nether Swap and Magic missles
I killed the opponent hero 8 times easily xD

DoTA is fun dude :p .


When I was checking my blog stat
I noticed a few clicks from a Maple forum site
I have never heard of.

I went to the forum and saw it was a
French Maple forum on Bowman

They linked iangelial, LordUhai’s blog there,
and someone linked my blog too.
Here’s his description of my blog:

Sinon on a celui-ci. Rarement mise à jour.
Mais c’est un gars sympathique et qui fait
des jolis mass-scrolling. Un autre bowman.


Our friend AltaVista translator translates:

“If not there is this one. Seldom updated.
But it is a guy sympathetic nerve and
who makes pretty mass-scrolling.
Another bowman. “

Oui. seldom updated xP

Bonjour, Maplers Français. Comment allez-vous ?
Je me sens honoré pour être lié (linked). Fierté d’archer !


15 Responses to Sinon on a celui-ci

  1. evananswers says:

    Bonjour, Maplers Français. Comment allez-vous ?
    Je me sens honoré pour être lié (linked). Fierté d’archer !


  2. windjungj says:

    lol, I guess that’s why your blog is worth 1000$ (or whatever techno says lol) anyways, im trying to get myself prepared for CAL (UC Berkerley) or UCLA, it’s going to be a tough road (Average gpa is like 4.x -_-) that’s why i kinda left maple and only barely playing to keep in touch with friends.

    I think that forum was about ems or something xD

    나는 진짜로 나쁜 한국어가 있어, 나의 부모는 저 시도해 그러나 나를 가르치는 것을 이다는 것을 아직도 사전과 통역을 배우고 사용하.

  3. windjungj says:

    That was really bad korean >.<

  4. B0WJOB says:

    하하하, 걱정하지마. 내한국어 그렇게 좋지않아 >_<

    공부열심히하고 good luck on getting to UC !

  5. Jackk says:

    Wait a sec, LordUhai has a blog?

  6. shymayhem says:

    oh nice korean~
    and you should try using drow ranger,
    shes really fun

  7. urbanways says:

    What heros do you usually play on DOTA? For me personally i like using Beast Master because i find him versatile but lately ive started to play Random for APEM games. lol give me some suggestions if you know any other good heros!

  8. B0WJOB says:

    shymayhem, Drow Ranger was the first hero I ever used.
    Friends recommend me to get mostly hyperstones.
    She’s good. no doubt. but she can be played in different ways
    and I need to learn how to kill hero with her. DoTA is the bomb yo.

    well urbanways, i usually play only Sniper and Ranger (lol ms?)
    because I just started DoTA late this year and I don’t know much
    about it. But seeing some other heros my friends played (I only play lan party)
    There are quite a few more heros I wanna try.

    Yesterday I tried out Dragon Knight and Vengeful Spirit.
    VS rocks. I wanna try Sand King, Lone Druid and many others =]

  9. shymayhem says:

    personally for drow, lothars(first main item for me) is really helpful for early kills.
    windwalk behind the enemy and activate frost arrows gives the advantage of surprise and they’d have to walk past you to get to their foundtain giving you alot of shots in.
    but try all the characters, their all really interesting/fun xD

  10. B0WJOB says:

    I never noticed Lothars before O_o
    what you wrote sounds very interesting, I’m gonna try that next time

  11. furtifire says:

    hey Bowjob~

    Im french (chinese)>both

    and i got a hunter lvl 45 on KHAINI name furtifire

    Canu help me some times when u are bored T_T

    sinon ZHONG GUO REN FTW!

  12. furtifire says:

    im from the forum 😀

  13. B0WJOB says:

    hey,sure thing dude. just track me and give me a whisper.

    I’m on vacation and won’t be back until mid Janurary tho >.<

  14. furtifire says:

    okok i will be theyre….

    I Love MAPPLE andthe bowman =)

  15. tnecca says:

    The last bit says, in not so bad French but bad nonetheless (im not French): But it’s a sympathetic guy, and one who holds amusing mass-scrollings.

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