Is this real ? =x

saw it on Basil ~_~


This is “GM Glove ATT scroll”

The Khanji reads:
(note: Khanji is Japanese language that uses Chinese character.

“GM only [Not for public]
Success rate: 100%, +3 Att”



could be fake. But darn it, if this is real
AND if this is open to public 😦
then making a total godly item will not be impossible…


16 Responses to Is this real ? =x

  1. rattown says:

    its real … buying their way to the top…. well whatever its their version.

  2. Yoda says:

    This is an edit. GMs use scrolls by going to a GM-only map where all scrolls have a 100% success rate. It has been rumored that some people have bribed GMs into taking them into that map, but this “GM scroll” is definitely an edit.

  3. Stelo says:

    This is the Korean test server. It is real but not in any MS except for the test server.

  4. B0WJOB says:

    i said in my post this is jMS

    it’s Japanese, guys

  5. Scott says:

    Wow, then prices would drop so much o_o

    Also, if you read this, I beat the GMS Godlies Dark Ades shoe by one dex. Here’s a picture. I was hoping you’d put it up so that I can feel famous xD. But yeah. 2 30%s and 2 60%s. Thanks B0W, definitely liking your material here =). Here’s the pic.

    And my name is ItsTheCrabbb from Bera

  6. shymayhem says:

    wonder why GMs need godly weapons o_O

  7. B0WJOB says:

    Nice !
    Grats ItsTheCrabbb , I’ll put it up later today

    *eating lunch n gonna watch God Father2

  8. Jackk says:

    I would categorize this with white scrolls, where perfect items are definitely not out of the question. Speaking of perfect items not being out of the question…

    The Nisrock blew up. gg

    Ps. Take Anarii back to Khaini cause we dont want him D: All he’s done here is join Vengeance (Our main zakking guild which is “famous” for mass ksing guilds and used to hold the zak altar for hours, even days) and start ksing at squids.

  9. shymayhem says:

    ^ he turned to the dark side :O

  10. My guess is that it’s either a Japanese test server or an edit.

    Plus, basilmarket? Come on now… 😡

  11. B0WJOB says:

    exactly what i was thinking, DragonHeartMan.

  12. Way says:

    hey ive havent seen you for a while, r u playing HKMS now? Ive been still “training” my DK and now at lv158 now. 4th job coming out on Jan.12th.

  13. Zankarst says:

    Doesn’t seem real to me.

    + You guys can keep Anarii, lol.

  14. shymayhem says:

    haha yup! drop in to my blog from time to time
    i didn’t know the overall was Ooll7021oO’s btw
    makes me feel special 😀
    and happy new years josh

  15. kimitoissho says:

    I sure havnt seen one yet in JMS, and i doubt many people know about this yet. Hopefully it comes out so we can overcome GMS’s uber equipts 😛

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