While I’m flying from HK to Texas, here’s a quick break/filler post

Ladies (is there? ;__;) and gentlemen,
Shia LaBeouf, 3 movies, 1 word



11 Responses to While I’m flying from HK to Texas, here’s a quick break/filler post

  1. allanbatman says:

    LMFAO lol XD

  2. shymayhem says:

    ^ LOL
    i havent been on too much because of my break but i heard the prices are going crazy because no one knows what to expect from the release of leafre so i have no clue o_o
    but yes, i plan to earn my helm :3 unless i get tempted by their nice 15/15/15/15-ness 😦

  3. Goggyfour says:

    Grad school eh? What are you working on?

  4. Zankarst says:

    Someone said they’d pay 55~60mil for the Casa o.O

    How’s your holiday? :]

  5. B0WJOB says:

    man, 3 weeks vacation in Hong Kong was a blast!
    Vacations always end so quickly

    I THINK Conan0brien aka Brandon told me
    the casa might worth a lot more than that

    G4, somewhere in the area of [Family] counseling/Christian stuff

  6. hermitcity says:

    You live in Texas? I live in Houston, HK>Texas ;_;

  7. B0WJOB says:

    I go to school in Texas…this is my 4th year here.

    u ?

  8. hermitcity says:

    I’ve lived in Texas since I was born so 19 years haha. I go to school In houston texas 1st year freshman x_x

  9. urbanways says:

    LOL entertaining but true now that i noticed it i think that might be the reason why the girls think “he’s hot” … his ability to say no LOL

    no means no.

    If you date him its 100% for sure that you won’t be a victim of date rape? lol

  10. Zankarst says:

    Just noticed the Blogroll for G4 is spelt as “Ciritical” instead of “Critical” o.o

  11. vasdeferens says:

    Unless the girl is saying no, cuz then he’d reply with a no. aka yes to rape. 😦

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