Let’s see..

left home and headed to Hong Kong International Airport at 8:30 pm Monday
Departed Hong Kong at 00:15 AM Tuesday and arrived Inchon Airport at 5 am
Flight got delayed for 2 hours and left Korea -> Dallas at 2:30 pm Tuesday afternoon
Arrived DFW International airport around 12:30 pm Tuesday

In the past:
Arrive the airport and a friend comes pick me up and
take me back to my campus = 50~60$ gas money

This time I wanna save money >:O
Took shuttle that led me to Trinity Railway Express station
where I took the train to Downtown Dallas,
walked few blocks and found the Bus station that goes to
the city where my campus is at (2:30pm)

the ride is available at 7:15 pm

Returned to my campus at 11:00 pm Tuesday

I think that was about 37 hours of traveling. how hardcore :3

this post was to help to see how much time i spent traveling. brb class


11 Responses to Let’s see..

  1. Stelo says:

    And you stayed awake for the whole trip?!

  2. Jackk says:

    Translation: I saved gas money so I could spend it on nx. Im back in the states now so watch me power train to 160 for 4th job!!!

    Just kidding. Hope you had a nice vacation and good luck in 2nd semester or whatever it is (talked to another US friend lately and it seems like some schools dont go by semesters but have 3 quarters o-o so I really dont have any idea how it works there).

  3. Ari says:

    Wow, that’s a long trip. o_o

  4. Continuing that story:
    Friend throws me 1 block away from airport. I hitchhike my way to the university.
    Add another 2 hours xD

  5. Stelo says:

    Friend forgets to pick you up

    Please add 2 more hours

  6. Furtifire says:

    haha, long trip xD

    so u r back?

    i go track u xD

  7. Yoda says:

    Welcome back to school, where learning, working, and mapling happens. 😀

    4th job is within a week, and a lv200 skill has been discovered! (mysterious smile) lol not telling what it is xD

  8. B0WJOB says:

    bah maple >_>

    graduating > ms

  9. shymayhem says:

    hey josh 😀
    how’s everything going for you

  10. B0WJOB says:

    hey! first off grats on your leveling !
    and well, im doing really good so far. school is always good
    during the first 2 weeks of semester since it;s not too busy
    and everyone is relaxed and all

    i got graduation on my mind man, gotta try to stay focused 🙂

    how about u ?

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