fricking A

i wrote a very nice length of my experience today
advancingbowmaster and my reflection on B0WJOB,
where he (i am) is and where will the future be…

but dam this wordpress lost what i wrote.


hopefully next post you’ll see is the 2- minutes
video that I’ve been wanting to make in a while.

Advanced to Bowmaster on Jan 23rd with
Ooll7021oO, ZGsins and others (that Priest in my lvl 130 video)

It was an interesting experience.
I frapped parts of it because I was thinking of making a vid

(oh snap my library shift is over)

well but whiteasice made a good guide on sw

and i realized i dont need to make a “A Bowmaster’s Guide to 4th job”

so there you go i’ll see you next time

im working on getting that lvl 120 Boar. 70 mil rarwr


5 Responses to fricking A

  1. TimeMaverick says:

    Maybe some unknown force feels that you should wait until the opportune moment to release your thoughts to the public.

    I really like your new banner, quite picturesque and idyllic. Very color coordinated too. D:

  2. Jackk says:

    looking at that bird makes me wish I was a marksman D:

  3. Chronoslight says:

    Hi B0wjob. Gratz on advancing to bowmaster. I just got to ranger last week. 😮

  4. B0WJOB says:

    hey, grats on Ranger Chronoslight !

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