That was a LOT of effort

After advancing to Bowmaster and acquired
Phoenix and Hurricane/Storm of Arrows,
I got myself a



Incidentally, after becoming a Bowmaster I get this often:


I don’t mind showing it to people who wish to see it.
In fact, I think it’s cool to share the ‘wow’ feeling towards
some 4th job skills… Nevertheless I’m sure people
will get used to it over time =]

Hurricane…it makes hunting monsters fun again :p


Well, here are some screen shots I took today,
they should explain what I have been working on:






Speed: 170%
Jump: 120%

I was so happy I went to Ch 1 FM and ran back and forth with it




The last 5+ minutes in Maple was people asking me to show them
Hurricane, and some inquiries and chatting



Maple Story is good at making you spend a ton of time
to achieve something and making you feel accomplished :p




Some SS from my ex-Roommate’s computer
that I used to advance to Bowmaster:



When we got Hurricane 😀


13 Responses to That was a LOT of effort

  1. M o t t y . ? (mop123) D= says:

    Josh Woot Nice Pig And FIRST COMMENT. what speed does it go at and were you really #1 4th job in khaini?

  2. B0WJOB says:

    no, almost every lvl 120+ got 4th job.
    and it gives 170 speed and 120 jump

  3. shymayhem says:

    i heard you d/c or lag everytime you hit something with a bow

  4. B0WJOB says:

    Yesterday I DC’d more than 3 times
    when I was using Hurricane/Storm of Arrows attacking
    monsters and it seems I DC when I’m being attacked while using it. =/

  5. Goggyfour says:

    Mmm, that’s cool. I spent all yesterday giving my friends their proper storybooks to get their skills (actually when I found the rush storybook I started toying with the other warriors who had spent 4+ hours in Sanc 4 lol). Is all of this an accomplishment? I wonder.

    Anyway, I’m posting in response to your message on my article, but since you don’t have an article I’ll post here.

    There’s a mini article in there titled “Inspiration de Manuscripte” that caters directly to this situation:

    “wording can be used to guide an audience out of confusion and into meaning (or even humor), or it can be used to further misdirect an audience. . . .It may seem simple at first, but the wrong words may entirely destroy a movie on their own.”

    You have to understand the psychology of the audience to understand why they don’t get your video. They don’t get it because your video is largely about failure (even if a bow or two accounted for a profit of 220m). This is mostly due to the words and images you used; because of these words and images, I believe your video is less about the profit you made, and more about the scientific experiment with scrolling (which was also largely a failure; people don’t understand that you were trying to increase your chances by failing “chump” scrolls).

    Half of the video is you attempting to make your audience understand; half of it is your audience attempting to understand. Try to see that the audience will automatically understand success and failure on an equal basis in the context you’re presenting it in (for example, rather than pointing out a number of failures and a number of successes OF SCROLLS, you should have pointed out the number of fails/successes OF ITEMS or on some smaller unit). This use of the word “fail” in the video directly contrasts to the few times you emphasize success (and really the title is the only object that would tip the scale in favor of success). Finally, there is the mindset of the audience going into the video. Most scrolling videos have been about failure, and an audience would automatically assume it would be about failure.

    As for your case, you should not automatically assume that people will read the sidebar, OR EVEN THE TITLE! As with paintings in a museum, it is good practice to read everything that goes with a piece, but this is not always the case for an audience: People often move from piece to piece without even looking at the title, and only stopping at pieces that catch their attention.

    It is with this that you have found the basic dichotomy of every artist, who wonders how much effort they should put into the art, versus how much effort they should put into the audience. In truth, there is no art without the audience, no matter how stupid they may seem. I’m not even sure you recognized this dichotomy at all, but because your video didn’t (sufficient objective proof), you’re going to get many messages henceforth, and continue suffering unless something is done about the video itself. You can also just ignore them, but I sense you are more responsible than that.

    In any case, I hope you have realized the risk involved in making videos. People misunderstand, and jump to conclusions, and there is no guarantee that a video will make your life any better than had you not made a video. It is especially important to put to use all of your education, including but not limited to art, psychology, philosophy, and of course linguistics to use. The more you understand your audience, the more likely a success your work will be.

  6. Goggyfour says:

    I said “to use” twice. SONUVA!

  7. B0WJOB says:

    that’s very helpful.
    Im going to keep that in mind when I work on my 30% Mass scrolling video.

    Thanks G4 the Wise 😀

  8. Xiyuuna says:

    *sighs* so much fun….Y_Y I only got to to play 4th job for a few hours. After logging on late and missing out of the mass advancement with buddies I did it by myself. Then went out to start quests. While walking in the boat station I suddenly d/c and get banned for illegal programs (that I don’t have). Nexon just ruined 1 and a half years of playing this game. Good luck with getting all your skills, T_T I was working on getting my phoenix..this sucks.

  9. Xiyuuna says:

    Mari (25mL said she was going to send NXjoe a message) I should also, x_x Just things don’t seem to be working out in my favor. I was so shocked when the message popped up that I’ve been using illegal programs. Nexon is so swamped with kiddies whinning and complaining about the same problems over and over again that I’m just going to get ignored. x_x I’ve been playing MS longer than some have actually realized. I can even prove my 3 month absence was due to no net connection from my school having problems and how I grinded about 1-2 levels a day till I was 90+. It’s not like MS was really hard work or anything but still my final goal for Xiyuuna was to scroll 14 str top, 14dex bottom, cap my str at 70 or lower and scroll my dark nis to 124 att. *crushed dreams*

    -.- I was already thinking of quitting MS but not in this fashion. D: I was so happy when I got SE, darn I wanted to go test it out on himes or those Giant Mushrooms I’ve been trying to Kill till they are extinct. I can’t decide if I should play after my ban or not. No rank = no Good and I’ll have to leave Kami most likely.

    The NxJoe threads are there anymore in Sleepywood. T_T

  10. shymayhem says:

    Oh, my header was made from the SS i took of myself hitting lvl 100
    my friend Poloroids just happened to be there 😛

  11. CirrusFalcon says:

    SE was amazing…
    I ran to HHG1 right after you used it on me…
    49 more levels!
    I can do it!!! >:D

  12. Yoda says:

    Congrats B0W!! Fourth job must be lotsa fun. (trains* D:<)

  13. B0WJOB says:

    Yay~~~ I am now a Bowmaster !

    *still not training 😀

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