Video Blog Post #1

February 26, 2008

There were a few left over clips on the computer
and I put them all together for lulz for my blog viewers:



2:50 AM while studying for Calc exam

February 25, 2008

B0WJOB – ays:
B0WJOB – says:
in maple story
B0WJOB – says:
you get big damage, you get high level, you get good items
B0WJOB – says:
and what ?
B0WJOB – says:
bigger damange, higher level, better items
B0WJOB – says:
and what ?
B0WJOB – says:
bigger damange, higher level, better items
B0WJOB – says:
and what ?
B0WJOB – says:
bigger damange, higher level, better items
B0WJOB – says:
and so on and so forth

R.I.P. Alysha, a hard working mod of SW

February 23, 2008

Alyha is a mod on sleepywood for some time
and from what I have seen, she does her job well
and is really dedicated and participate in the community

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True Archer Pride

February 22, 2008

just as sinsuns on YouTube commented:

“His main got deleted and he came back, Thats True Archer Pride….”

This is the motivating video for Archers

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B0WJOB’s Cursed Scrolling Story – TRAILER (Over 170 30% Scrolls)

February 16, 2008



Spent about 12+ hours in making this.
I learned so much about video editting with Sony Vegas

Hope you enjoy !

*If you liked the video share this with your friends 😀


check here if you want to know more about the preparation + outcome


Inside of this post includes the
time line of my last 24 hours of final touch before publishing it on YouTube

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Next video’s trailer is on the way

February 14, 2008


just sayin im in the process of making it while
keepin busy with school and life and
the exciting DoTA lan party with my floormates x]

(Tried Neruban Weaver the first time, totally owned the opposite team.

One time my roommate (on the enemy team)
crossed the river and was in between the river and my base.
My teammate and I attacked him and his creeps, he started to run back.
I chased him all the way with Shukuchi and attacking while
while carrying a Radiance…

2 inches before he reached to his base he got killed.

my roommate was very upset xD)


Here’s a bonus:

Survival tracking guide of Pirate, Ninja, and Zombie:



A very Star Wars Valentine

You Don’t Mess With Bishop

February 12, 2008

Why is my friend apologizing?



(is the image not loading?)


I was asking for a door to the deeper part of Leafre,
and my friend doored me while she’s training
(Skelegons can OHKO me)
When I got there I got hit, I died,
used a chocolate (no biggie, I’ll just remake another one :D)

Then I saw myself came back and
got hit and died again O_o

Basically, a Bishop can kill you, revive you,
and kill you again D:

Don’t Mess With Bishop xO

(I don’t blame my friend. She was trying to help me
and I actually found this absolutely HILARIOUS)


my floormate just showed a few clips of Coach Hines on YouTube

wow, what do you know, 3:30~3:32 of this video is so relevant to this post