10% video (rant included) =/

when i first made the 10% scrolling video,
i showed the complete sequence of scrolling from
beginning to the end.

the reason i did that is i wanted to show people
how it feels like to scroll 66 10% scrolls in a row,
and maybe detect if there’s pattern or not.

well, i’ve always have this “scrolling method”
(which is using bait scrolls)

I dont know if it helps, but i know i have NEVER
got anything good when I did NOT use a few bait scrolls.

this idea was inspired by old school Khaini FM veteran, eMagix.

let me switch my phrasing.

we know 10% scrolls = 10% chance of working.
that means % wise, 9/10 scrolls fails.

is there a way to HELP making those 9 failing scrolls
to fail on an unimportant items and somehow
increase the chance of having that 1 working scroll
to work on the item you wish it works?

that was sort of the message hidden in my scrolling video…

and well, I can’t give you a bold conclusion whether the way
i scroll helps or “really works” but hey,
i made quite a few godly bow in that video that
got myself a lot richer. doenst that mean something?

lucky? maybe. call it lucky when I use the same “method”
and scrolled the #1 Khaini Bowman overall back in 2006
that was 3/4 10% and 6/6 60% , 33 dex 3 str Dark pris.

call it lucky when I got 2/3 30% worked on a Casa Crow
I feel like i am trying to make myself look so “oh so pro”
or whatever, that’s not my intention. i just feel like clearing things
up i guess and well, … heck, its 4:30 and ima head to bed.

leave feedback or comment if you would,

feel free to say anything; if you strongly disagree with me,
tell me how so, maybe you can open my eyes and see
somethign that I’ve never seen before.

or whatever, just drop a line and leave your thought if you would. =]


10 Responses to 10% video (rant included) =/

  1. Scott says:

    I think you should. You’re talking about your 2nd mass scrolling video right? I was thinking of doing the same. I have 21 60% and 34 30%s saved up D:. But I wanted to find a bunch of Nisrocks. I wanted to know how you scrolled your items. IE, one 30% on each bow/spam 30% on one onto the next/ etc. That’s my 2 cents =O

  2. Goggyfour says:

    Err, it’s probably going to hurt you more if it goes like the last one.

    Write an article instead, as scrolling videos, especially ones with 160 scrolls worth of footage, aren’t too entertaining. I expect you did fail a large portion of those 160…which would leave you only the positive scrollings to talk about in an article (and pictures :D)

    If you decide to make a video, try not to use too much of the failing footage this time.

  3. B0WJOB says:

    my 1st scrolling video was meant to show it as a “documentary” type

    like, letting people know how those 66 10% scrolls went,
    giving them an experience how it feels like to do 66 10% scrolls in a row,
    maybe they can see some pattern or maybe they can CONFIRM there’s no pattern.

    instead of doing the same old approach,
    i was thinking of explaining my intention at the beginning of the video or something

    but does it really worth the time?

    i got over 20 Gigs of frapped 30% scrollings
    resting on burned DVDs, there’s like 5 disks of it.

    maybe i should just watch the frapping myself
    and WRITE down the sequence of scrolling outcome -.-

    and SCOTT, that’s an encouragement.

    truthfully, i start to think that it’s dumb and sort of
    “no life” ish to spend time thinking or making ms videos
    when i could use that time to hang out with friends irl
    or do something else.

    i’m still struggling, part of me really wants to get this video
    made ..but i probably dont have that time…

    we’ll see. maybe i can get it done during spring break or something

  4. B0WJOB says:

    but hey, thank you two for your feedbacks.

  5. Xiyuuna says:

    I think if I ever get up to scrolling my 99 Dark Nisrock I’ll have to record the many FAILURES that will happen before the success I hope to come with even trying.

  6. CirrusFalcon says:

    Those videos are always epic.
    I thought about doing a “mini” B0wjob when I got to lvl 70 but was to scared to risk blowing up 100mil. D:
    Wow, do you still have those overalls? That’s a 9 attack overall right there.

    And yes your name is a verb.
    Pulling a b0wjob: The act of making pretty mass scrolling :D.
    It’s gonna catch on eventually, I just gotta smega it a few times….

  7. B0WJOB says:

    take it as a noun arent you 14 take it as a noun…

  8. TimeMaverick says:

    I don’t think you should care too much about how your audience will receive it. Like G4 said, if you DO make a video, do it well, but I believe that you should do what makes YOU happy. I say go for it. Have fun, that’s what this game is about, isn’t it?

  9. B0WJOB says:

    true, Maverick. then my choice would be not making the video
    and instead of spending possibly over 8 hours to make the video that I desire,
    I can probably play around 10 games of DoTA with my rl friends

    but on the other hand i DO enjoy making the video.

    the main concern now is WHEN will i get the time to play around with Sony Vegas 8.0..

  10. TimeMaverick says:

    I loled when I read “DoTA.” StarCraft for the win. 😛

    If you enjoy making videos and have that much free time, then go for it. Otherwise, play DoTA, (or StarCraft). Heh.

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