it’s like crack

The Pie Contest event gave me 10k NX and I had 5.5k left.
I decided to spend it in an exciting way – gachapon at NLC

Five tickets


The anticipation of getting random items that I spend real cash
into it somehow made me wanted to gacha MORE
(maybe I’ll get a better item or something!)

Unfortunately (or very fortunately) I had 0$ in my Pay Pal account.

If you know me you know I don’t usually write long and meaningful
and thoughtful and philosophical and elaborate.
so I’ll just end this post by saying that
Nexon does a great job making their players
willing to spend real cash for their game
and get enjoyment from it.


just did 2 more on my brother’s quitted account:

:O !!!


I guess/hope I sold it for a good price >.<


27 Responses to it’s like crack

  1. akumeiji says:

    So you’re taking drugs? xD j/k

    Ummmm let’s be friends o.o

  2. akumeiji says:

    Hey b0wjob/josh, can you help me?

    When i was looking through my dashboard, i tried moving some widgets onto the sidebar, but then it removed the default one, and i can’t seem to find things i wanted there, like blogroll. Do you know how to get it back or something?


  4. Xiyuuna says:

    *plays that Zelda Music when you find something*

    f3 but no one reads my blog so I just make incoherent rants about maple story on it.
    I had a word press account by I didn’t like it as much as blogger. Plus my art blog goes through blogger since the FAIL of my web page.

    D:< and wtf a Pinaka!
    Looks like someone was singing in spanish and lol at the fcuk billionair in your chat.

    I wish someone would seriously write something in depth about them. Seems like an interesting topic for a game. : \ I don’t know enough about them to do so.

  5. B0WJOB says:

    when I was walking around on Vulcun i got randomly invited
    i question their legitimacy. anyhow.

    well, I think Gachapon is like gambling..
    and usually both of them reward you at a random rate –
    you’ll never know WHAT you are gonna get
    and that keeps you anticipated or something..

    I’m just repeating myself.

    i need to get Photoshop CS3 installed so I can work on
    the pics i took over the break :O

  6. B0WJOB says:

    btw, when on Vulcun, the guildmaster made a BBS thread
    telling theOrange to not swear too much…
    seems like theOrnge could be one of those angry teenagers :p

  7. Xiyuuna says:

    o.o I’ve been gacha pwned far too many times so I don’t unless it’s like that last 1k of NX I have. I try not to buy NX for other than cosmetic reasons and like my shop (which is being wasted now thanks to my ban “Xi Angry Xi Smash!”) Gacha is just the lottery, if you have the money to do it, have fun getting alot of those pies and mapleades.

    I have CS3, the trial version but I’m still using CS2. The feel of CS3 is a radical difference from CS2 but I should probably give it another chance and if I start to like I’ll bluntly go find a crack or activation code for it. If there is a legal copy of photoshop anywhere in this world I’ll be surprised. I blame my mom for my piracy. If you want CS2 I have it and it doesn’t give any problems.

    Questionable Legitimacy with a concern for Swearing, interesting guild.

  8. Xiyuuna says:

    D: and maybe that should say

    Xiyuuna- Life & Reflection from an Autistic Female Bowmaster :3

  9. Jackk says:

    I agree with you guys, gach is like the lottery. The only difference is there’s no losing, just the amount you win. Its arguable that anything you get from gach is sellable for amount of mesos, just how much. However, we have an expectation on how much we get out of gachapon and more often than not, that exepectation is missed. In my opinon, gachapon is a “legal” way to transform real money into mesos (as buying mesos is illegal, yet some high lvled archers in Scania like cungtenthan do it anyways, hence why they have all this godly gear). I personally have never spent irl money on this game before (all my nx comes from friends, who occasionally give me $10/25 cards or gift me things) but even when it came to money that wasnt mine, I still felt bad when I got gachapwned (35 tickets, the best item I got being a 10% overall dex back when zipangu gach wasnt out. Then 35 tickets at Zipangu with my best turnout being 3 Yellow Naps that I never got to sell because of being hacked).

    Recently, after thanksgiving with the mini nx card quest, my sister and I collected 2k maple points so we spent that on zipangu gach again. Sure we got nothing good, but it was entertaining and we had fun regardless. That 2k was well spent imo even though we ended up with a daiwa sword (do those even sell?) and a 70% cape Str as we both got a good laugh out of it and in this world, good laughs are often hard to find.

    /end of gach rant

    Off topic: I was searching myself on sleepywood the other day and saw xiyuuuna refering to having a character deleted as pulling a Retalion. Regardless of how accurate/inaccurate that was, I found it interesting that people actually know about that O_o anyways, random hi from me, lol.

  10. shymayhem says:

    I get hooked onto the aspect of gacha of being able to win something really good at gacha for just 1 ticket. I keep going thinking “hey, maybe I’ll get something good next ticket.” but end up with nothing :[
    i got gacha-pwned for at least 75dollars but it’s fun. Unless I get like miso ramen and amorian cookie like 5 tickets in a row. Then it’s just depressing.
    BTW, thanks for all the megas for my 18th birthday josh!

  11. B0WJOB says:

    NP ! after I used those Megas/Weather effects I realized:
    ” I could’ve saved a few of them and use it for GACHA ticket ! :O”

    but friend> gacha lol

  12. TimeMaverick says:

    I always had the impression that Pinakas were +100 mil. But what do I know about the maple market? (I probably thought that because of the big fuss first time it came out. Tiger bought for bil or really high.)

  13. B0WJOB says:

    I thought it was a Dragon Pertizan that he bought?
    i was told another khainian sold the same stat for 45 mil ish.
    i think i sold mine for a good price

  14. akumeiji says:

    I used gacha in zipangu… I might get more gacha, but where should i go use it? My friend said NLC, but is it good there?

  15. TimeMaverick says:

    Oh. Good call. I get spears confused. XD

  16. Jackk says:

    According to H-S, the spear is 3 below Avg O_o Iono, to sell anything 3 below avg for 50+ mill sounds good to me. Gratz Josh xD

  17. 1lastkinetic says:

    Hahaha u can see my name in the Store xD u own dude oh bt w lvl 18 10% holla! still cant decide hunter or xBowman

    xBow cheaper and stronger
    hunter fast but more expensvie

  18. BandanaBoy says:

    Gacha is not that addictive >_> *must get more gacha*
    but dam talk about getting lucky =/ I wish I had that much mesos >_>

  19. bandanaboy says:

    also, Zigpang is better in my opinion =/

  20. B0WJOB says:

    yea, i got owned badly by NLC gach with another 35 ticket…
    no more NLC for me >:l

  21. Yoda says:

    Wow, so lucky. Grats! 🙂

  22. bandanaboy says:

    I’m still hoping they add a Gacha in Leafry,
    I would wonder how good that would be @_@

  23. B0WJOB says:

    lvl 130 weapon @_@

  24. bandanaboy says:

    wouldn’t that be lvl 200 weapon? O.~ Feel the me$o$ *_*

  25. bandanaboy says:

    D= Ahh HACKZOR *reports*
    xD lmao

    Realy, I’m not sure “IF” we even would get one in Leafry =/
    but it’s still possible ….

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