oops, wrong ss =/

3 minutes before I headed off work I e-mail myself
a screenshot that I was going to put it here along
with a story….

well, now that I am at work I realized I attached the wrong SS -.-

o well =/

If I didn’t die at all since June 07
I would have been lvl 131 by now…

it’s always like this:

Zakum runs -> gaining exp close to 50%
accidental death ->  boom 43%
Zakum/Papulatus -> few % gains
nooby accidental death -> 4x% Dx

the cycle went on until I bought myself some charms .__.


I have 10 sp saved for Sharp Eyes lvl 20,
I was going to go to Sharks for hunting its skillbook
but I overheard on BL chat that my Marksman friend
spent over 180% exp there and got nothing..

I think i’ll just complete some quests for now on
and continue being a FM Bowmaster Mule \o.O/


8 Responses to oops, wrong ss =/

  1. wisdomofzen says:

    Bleh, still gives me time to go bug you in the FM. 😛

    Grats though!

  2. B0WJOB says:

    lol. thanks. someone whispered me saying that
    he will supermegaphone if i hit 131

  3. Yoda says:

    Pianus drops Sharp Eyes too.

    Maybe go solo it a few times? :p

    i tried sharks. spent hours of it. and got bored and played DoTA with rl friends 😀

  4. Yoda says:

    Oops I meant Sharp Eyes Lv20 or 30; I’m not sure

  5. Jackk says:

    hmm Josh, Im surprised you didnt smega that xP Dont make me catch up to you! D: (120 in 2 weeks hopefully)

    I spent too much money on Smega -.-

  6. akumeiji says:

    Don’t consider yourself leveling slow, at least you didn’t take over two years to hit lvl 70 (or did you? o_o)

    gong xi fa chai

  7. shymayhem says:

    I think the FM is sick of you already. Just start training again ;O

    meanie ;__;

  8. Furtifire says:

    haha, u can get the choco to die 1 time per hour 😀

    ❤ choco

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