The engineer side of MS

[15:21] <B0WJOB> i offer $30 for a program that predicts Maple Story scroll’s fail/sucess xD

 [15:21] <B0WJOB> (im just kidding. thats server side thing and its illegal to hack into them)

 [15:21] <Mats> Sure you can

[15:21] <Mats> Why not?

[15:21] <B0WJOB> O_O

[15:21] <Truth> Okay.

[15:21] <Mats> There are 83 dialog procedures in MS.

[15:21] <Truth> 60% scrolls work 60% of the time, and fail 40% of the time.

[15:21] <Mats> PIN has one

[15:21] <B0WJOB> (i feel like im chatting with matrix people)

[15:22] <Mats> Password has one.

[15:22] <Mats> Every section of the login has one.

 [15:22] <Mats> There’s a:

 [15:22] <Mats> You can easily “jump”

[15:22] <Mats> To another section of the code

[15:22] <Adura> Still no sessioning?

[15:22] <Mats> Adura.

 [15:22] *** Mats has been kicked by Adura (Do not highlight me, this has been noted. Please /msg me if you need something, use my name “Sean” during conversations. See you in 2 min)

too bad he got kicked :p


5 Responses to The engineer side of MS

  1. TimeMaverick says:

    lol. one day i’ll figure this out!

  2. Yoda says:

    It’ll be better not to let any of this out; the world of MS would be in complete chaos.

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