Next video’s trailer is on the way


just sayin im in the process of making it while
keepin busy with school and life and
the exciting DoTA lan party with my floormates x]

(Tried Neruban Weaver the first time, totally owned the opposite team.

One time my roommate (on the enemy team)
crossed the river and was in between the river and my base.
My teammate and I attacked him and his creeps, he started to run back.
I chased him all the way with Shukuchi and attacking while
while carrying a Radiance…

2 inches before he reached to his base he got killed.

my roommate was very upset xD)


Here’s a bonus:

Survival tracking guide of Pirate, Ninja, and Zombie:



A very Star Wars Valentine


7 Responses to Next video’s trailer is on the way

  1. Goggyfour says:



    wait. is taht Wooo implying your excitement of
    seeing another video hoping it’s gonna turn out well

    dont expect too much lol

    just another scrolling video

    *watche G4 disappoints

  2. shymayhem says:

    Nerubian Weaver, hehe :3
    and thanks for the mass fame
    I didnt thnk youd have like 8 mules @_@

    I was gonna give u more until i saw you guys casting summons
    so I went back to B0W and joined the fun 😀

    you are welcome I sometimes fame my friends =]

  3. Eric says:

    Lol! Thanks for the survival guide! The ninja prints are familiar.

  4. .wind says:

    ogm 😮 nerubian weaver!
    i used to play dota lol.

    anyways, cant wait to see your next vid b0wjob, your blog is an inspiration to all bowman in maple.

  5. blublu says:

    hey…. where lvl 77 ranger train ?? i am poor and need money one good local monsters have good drops and good xp… i bored fogs pirates and voodos~hoodos … where i train ? omg !

    try here:

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