B0WJOB’s Cursed Scrolling Story – TRAILER (Over 170 30% Scrolls)



Spent about 12+ hours in making this.
I learned so much about video editting with Sony Vegas

Hope you enjoy !

*If you liked the video share this with your friends 😀


check here if you want to know more about the preparation + outcome


Inside of this post includes the
time line of my last 24 hours of final touch before publishing it on YouTube

Its 5:02 am Saturday.
I’ve worked on it non-stop from 7:00 pm Friday
(played a DoTA game with friends at 1 for about 50 minutes)


This video is about 1:30 long..

and I think I spent more than literally 11 hours to
just figure things out and try to make it perfect



look how ..crowded they are..


if everything goes well it should be done by tomorow (after sleep_)


exactly finsihed 6:45 am omg

4:50 PM Saturday,
going to the computer lab and upload this to YouTube and Veoh



18 Responses to B0WJOB’s Cursed Scrolling Story – TRAILER (Over 170 30% Scrolls)

  1. shyMAYHEM says:

    just wondering,
    are you going to set aside a few frames to show all the bows you started with and the results?
    just wondering~

    I don’t think I frapped the bows that I started with like you asked.
    When I was scrolling (it was like 40 minutes long + high quality of Fraps = big file size)
    I was focusing on the process… I’m not sure if I got all the results in frames
    (I certainly do have some though)

    The bow you are using is one of the best results I got

    Most of the results are on:


  2. ImanxXBow says:

    Woah, Awesome vid. The end is creepy, looks like a scary picture would appear, But good job ;D

    lol I didn’t think you would thought of that xD

  3. akumeiji says:

    Aw man Sony Vegas…. It expired on me =[ Now i’m trying to figure out how to use Adobe Premiere Elements… WHICH IS A PIECE OF ****!

    My friend uses Adobe Premier Element and he makes really good videos with it.
    Maybe because they are different softwares so it takes time to get used to it ?

  4. Eric says:

    Lol, i saw myself in the trailer :D!

  5. .wind says:

    Dayum, nice video editing. Do you use a purchased version of FRAPS or the 15 second one.
    Or did they just make a new free version that doesn’t have a time limit.

    I have the full version of Fraps

  6. Tnecca says:

    very nicely made trailer, now I can’t wait to see the actual thing.. Could you explain me how to zoom in on parts of footage and moving across it when zoomed in in vegas?

    that took me a while to figure it out.
    I’ll try to explain it but give me some time
    (I have a long work shift today)

  7. butterfli says:

    Epic. With a suspenseful trailer like that, I expect your actual video to be even more heartstopping.

    I tried to reply to your PM on sw, but it seems Adura has disabled any PM’ing to you possible.


  8. butterfli says:

    Still impressive nonetheless. I wasn’t disappointed by your first scrolling vid and I wasn’t with this trailer so I doubt I will be about this upcoming vid/documentary. Don’t feel that my moderator status is a barrier for me to meet people =p I’m more of an anti-mod. It’s more of a chore for me now than a hobby. The only reason I haven’t resigned is to let my gf get rid of any idiot/posts attacking her if she ever needs to. But if you ever wanna chat/buddy in game, my ign is Maidenne. ;]

  9. Xiyuuna says:


    o.o lol. From 700 frames to 200.

    Mapleside lol xD
    Keep up the good work *pat on the shoulder

  10. Xiyuuna says:

    D: AND hurrreh with your video.

    lol Editing things have to be the longest process ever, and if you mess something up…oh geez =.=


  11. wisdomofzen says:

    Epic win man. 😛

    thanks man ^^

  12. Scott says:

    Post your new equips now!! I’m highly curious =)

    I ss’d them weeks ago but I can’t find them now =[
    maybe in few days after (a possible level-up)

  13. Jackovitch2 says:

    EPIC LULZ i can see myself xD

    MADASS trailer i cant wait to see the real version

  14. akumeiji says:

    I ripped Josh off, he gave me 50k when i dropped a dark chocolate and a white chocolate lol.

    And I think Phoenix is cool.

    Scrolling trailer was awesome. Like what the others say, can’t wait to see the full version.

    so that’s YOU that I was talking with? :DDDD

    Sony Vegas…it’s HARD to explain how things work over the internet
    It’s a lot easier to SHOW how it works ….in real life =/
    what do you wanna know about Sony Vegas?

    if you download Vegas 8.0 they have quick tutorial that teaches you the basics of video editting 😉

  15. akumeiji says:

    Yea, their tutorial is godly if you ask me. Sony Vegas expired on my computer, so I’m left with Adobe Premiere Elements, which is painful =[. I dunno if I can get the full version of Vegas… It’s so expensive =[.

    I can’t even figure out how to crop with Premiere Elements >.<.

    And I think my space bar died on me. It’s squeaking =O. Probably cuz i’ve been non stop slapping it down for like 4 hours =O. It’s tough at voodoos in Bera =[. Too many sins, and tapping my space bar is necessary to train efficiently and piss hermits off so they leave. Sigh. I think i’m going to have to read a tutorial on how to replace laptop keyboards lol.

  16. wisdomofzen says:

    Won’t you get banned for advertising in game? xD

  17. shyMAYHEM says:

    -punches for quadruple posting-

  18. Tnecca says:

    Hey B0W, I think I already found what i need (tutorial by ayumilove)
    Thanks anyway~

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