R.I.P. Alysha, a hard working mod of SW

Alyha is a mod on sleepywood for some time
and from what I have seen, she does her job well
and is really dedicated and participate in the community

Someone brought up on this thread that “she quits”..
and people asking what happened


This is the lesson I learned when I was sw.net and
the lesson that Adura is teaching Alysha:

Don’t go against the mods/admin


Just want to mention Alysha’s departure
because I have been respecting her hardwork
back when she was under the name Adam on Xaravir,
a Khaini warrior and the contribution he (she) gave to Khaini,
and her hardwork on sleepywood.net.


11 Responses to R.I.P. Alysha, a hard working mod of SW

  1. Xiyuuna says:

    o.O She was like the only mod with any common sense on the site.
    I’ve heard things about Adura being racist before and I’ve read a few of his posts that just don’t sit well. I guess since it’s his site he can and will say whatever he feels, if he starts alienating the forum goers it could be the end of sleepywood. =.= I don’t have much of a use for sw, I still try to lend a hand to those who were banned because of the hak ride glitch and sometimes I venture into the IDK and what not.

    Gone for the weekend, I’ll be back monday to harass my Buddy chat.

    enjoy your weekend !
    and well, no matter what kind of person Adura is,
    sleepywood is hard to “die out”

    he can be an egocentric racist and yet people will be attracted to sw.net

  2. shyMAYHEM says:

    Aw, alysha quit :[
    She did do her job very well.

  3. shyMAYHEM says:

    Sorry for double posting (cough* quarduple poster*)
    But won’t you stop training at the FM =O
    At this rate, Jack is gonna outlevel you. In fact, even I might outlevel you o.o
    …nvm, just stay at the FM josh ;]


  4. akumeiji says:

    Speaking about the FM… I really need mesos T_T.

    btw Josh do you mind visiting my blog and posting just ONE comment onto one of my posts? I don’t really want my blog to look like Jack Land.

    And uhh.. go on MSN =O.

    I hate it when my friends quit something. The something just feels less fun when you’re playing by yourself. Maybe that’s why I level slow (never grind and takes me three hours to get 5% at PQs)

  5. batcave says:

    dude i thought she died whats up with the title i nearly freaked out.

  6. Ari says:

    I lost my Hinata-chan user note!



  7. Guildie says:

    Well, there’s always another story behind it! Has to be! It’s has to be a setup but after thinking it over.. nvm. Why question a mod/admin? You know what would happen. You’re just creating more “drama” by doing so. People will remember it.

    It’s a joke, and you know what happens when some jokes aren’t understood. When you say “it’s just _____” – generally, that means it should be taken lightly. Like “It’s just sex.” or “He’s just a friend.” Sean knows that he’ll be given a bad image of himself and instead of letting that happen, Alysha basically intensified it by speaking about what she thinks is right. People say/said all kinds of things about her when they liked or and even when they hated her! Had she not been a mod, she would have been doing something else and I guess she can now.

    Sean makes all kinds of jokes but he doesn’t overdo it and so does everyone else. I’m trying not to side with anyone here but just saying what I’m getting from this situation.

  8. DeadlyForce1 says:

    Man, that really bites. Adura can be a bit of an ass sometimes. Once, he made fun of me publicly for a month, setting his subtitle to DemonKing19 likes my balls or something like that, simply because I cracked a joke about him….. didn’t get banned though 😛

    Wish I did….. the forum is dying…. completely. Not memberwise, but community-wise. I’ll stick with BasilMarket for now, its community is run by better people and Mr. Basil lets the community help make decisions that could change everything. Adura just…. does it. And sometimes, he just doesn’t take a good approach to what he does. He drags his personal problems into his work, and if you truly want to run a website like SW.net, or any kind of website, it doesn’t matter whether you just got a divorce or you just got laid, you should take your job seriously (And thats coming from a 5 year running web designer and webmaster).

    Making racist remarks is not cool.

  9. Michael says:

    Originally Posted by Alysha
    To those wondering about me, I’ll leave you with a parlance:

    I did quit. Adura saying that he fired me from staff is a load of rubbish, really. He didn’t fire me. Firing someone would be something that would be unexpected. I gave him two choices; delete the racist post that had made quite a few people angry, or de-mod me for deleting the racist post for him. In a way, I expected him to choose the latter because we all know how much of a pompous juvenile plonker he is. I wouldn’t have cared if the comment was in the Pooper Scooper. However, an idiot posting in the other forums begets other idiots. Not only is he a fat wanker with no real job, but also a liar (for example, saying that donations help the site run when in reality, the site’s ads actually pay for the site itself, and then some). PS: Stereo never did commit the D-Dos attack; there was no D-Dos attack. It was a “trap” by Adura to find Stereo’s multiple accounts, while soiling his reputation here on SW.

    Not to mention that he hired Sublimity as a mod due to her nude pictures and has asked every girl on his mod list for nudes and what not. Maybe he should become a rent-boy if he’s that desperate to get a hard on.

    To be honest, I find most of the other moderators on this forum to either not be a proactive person in real life or to be a power-hungry person. Keep in mind that I used to be a moderator for Jagex’s RuneScape both on the forums and in-game. This job is nothing new, but the idiosyncratic behavior of its owner is.

    As for me, it’s time to move on. I’ve spent a lot of time visiting this damned site and playing MapleStory and I’m glad I quit playing MapleStory in May and quit coming here, which causes moments where there are temptations at times to play again. I’m a grown woman now and my dream and career lie ahead of me, and soon enough it will be your time to leave. In fact, I’ve recently obtained an amazing offer from the University of Edinburgh to transfer from University of British Columbia to there, but that means living in Scotland starting the coming September, but I’m probably going to take the offer since it’ll be closer to France.

    I don’t have time for forums or a fat lad whose penis goes inside of him. My social and university life is much more interesting than the happenings on this forum. I haven’t logged in since the 16th of February and this will be my last bit of commentary. I will miss all the people that I’ve befriended on MapleStory for the past few years and the people I’ve befriended on this site, as well.

    Au revoir, mes amis

    ~ Alysha

    those were her last words she posted in her usernotes before her account was deleted

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