Video Blog Post #1

There were a few left over clips on the computer
and I put them all together for lulz for my blog viewers:



5 Responses to Video Blog Post #1

  1. TimeMaverick says:

    That was good. I lulzed. Especially at the last clip. 😀

    what I thought was funny was what I had in mind and
    that’s girl’s guild name was similar when she walked in unexpectedly

  2. akumeiji says:

    lol when the clip showing that girl started, i was like “sigh, the millionth time of watching this scrolling vid again” when that girl walked in lmao.

  3. wisdomofzen says:

    Gaaah. Hurricane is so cool! :3

  4. Xiyuuna says:

    lol I know that girl.

    :O !

  5. shyMAYHEM says:

    Josh, stop making me want SoA ;_;
    The last 5 levels are killing me, Newtie maps are so full

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