Laptop Story

ALastReprise wrote on his blog on his laptop story…

and here is mine

Just a head up, the story is over 2000 words …

very detailed and vivid narration of what is going on…

Somehow my laptop can’t receive the power from power adapter
so my friend and I have been trying to fix it 😦

First we took everything apart



My poor laptop ;___;

and I just recently upgraded its RAM to 1G xO



truthfully, I should feel stressed or negative…

somehow I don’t.

Maybe my optimistic nature kicks in atm lol


11 Responses to Laptop Story

  1. KineticArr0w says:

    Dang xO that sux dude well good luck fixing it sorry.

    ty >.<

  2. wisdomofzen says:

    Lappy looks sad. Gl though.

    ty zen

  3. akumeiji says:

    Is that Latitude or Inspiron? Or Vostro?

    Oh and when fixing computers… I find that banging them on the floor in frustration is very helpful ^_^. I remember my internet was down once and I couldn’t fix it after a few hours, and I didn’t feel like calling Verizon, so I threw my modem at the ground and suddenly it starts working o_O. Rofl.

    lol. I dont think I should do that to my fragile laptop.
    the technician over at IT department said I need to … i forgot how to
    spell that term..but basically we gonna use a tool to melt a specific part
    and my roommate has done it before…

    basically my desk has turned into a surgeon table for my Inspiron 1300

  4. Jackk says:

    haha, now I have a chance to pass Josh!

    Jokes, good luck fixing it =X Did you try sticking in another ac adapter to try?

    i…..don’t think any guys on my floor has a Dell laptop.
    most of them use desktop.
    There’s one that uses dell but he has different ac adapter..

  5. akumeiji says:

    You have to melt a part?

    lol Good luck on that. Because if I were you trying to do it, I’d probably set your whole campus to flame lol.

    i’ll film with vid camcorder when i melt laptop
    just in case if I set my campus on fire i can put it on YouTube or something :B

    there was a time I almost set the kitchen on fire..
    while I was cooking ramen I was using a kitchen towel…
    i had something to grab in my room so left kitchen briefly
    and when i came back i saw 1/5 of the towel was lying on the stove top…on fire Dx

  6. Xiyuuna says:

    x_x Wow, that’s worse than my Tablet PC. Some jerk came in my dorm (either security or RA) and knocked it over. I didn’t notice the injuries to it except like a crack so I thought it was ok. THEN the part for the rotation finally gave out, =.= I can’t even report it. *logs onto ebay* I’m going to buy a new one.

    Toshiba’s R10 aren’t that great anyways, it’s like the poorman’s tablet PC…>_> for a lovely 1,400 dollars. =.=;;;; But my Tablet PC was free (somehow)

  7. akumeiji says:

    Hmmm I have a Dell XPS Notebook, have you seen my pics of it 😀

    Dells are cheap.. Well, the Inspiron is. the XPS isn’t that cheap :O

    Maybe I should have ordered an Inspiron or XPS from the Dell website… buying from Best Buy wasn’t a good idea after all. It’s just that I heard that Dell had shipping problems…

    Oh wait, I shoulda made Josh go to Houston and get it for meh 😀

    I probably have the same AC Adapter as you…mine is model FA90PS0-00

  8. TimeMaverick says:

    How long ago did you purchase the laptop? Usually you can call in the warranty from Dell. Generally Dell has excellent customer service, very helpful. They tend to enlist a lot of Indian people though, sometimes hard to understand the representatives.

    Where’s the IT guy from? Based on what I have read, there’s probably a connection that got disconnected, so he told you to solder the metal back on. (Which is what I interpret as “melting”) Either way, good luck, hope you get that laptop fixed.

  9. TimeMaverick says:

    Oh. If it fails, consider upgrading to a new laptop. Inspirons are.. kinda old. I use a 2600 and it’s really slow and bad.

  10. akumeiji says:

    Get a new Inspiron then, I’ll build a nice and cheap one for you if you like. I’ll even get you Windows XP on it. If you want me to do that for you, I could. Just tell me Josh 😀

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