another video

man. videos just keep on coming 🙂

My school had Film Fest this month
where students submit their films. BASICALLY.

and my friends made one and hey WE FRIKCING WON
WITH LIKE 800$ cash price or i duno how much xP

more update in a bit



so yea i think i’ll share the video (which is on youtube)

the story behind it, my role and some otther

i-think-you-might-be-interested facts :p

SOMETIME tonight or tomroroqw we’ll c

and i hope my laptop be back in one piece soon ;__;


4 Responses to another video

  1. shyMAYHEM says:

    damn josh, you look like a Chinese gangster in that suit.
    I watched this movie ‘young and dangerous’ and you look like one of them :O
    Congrats on the prize though 😀

    xD !

  2. TimeMaverick says:

    Is that a Rubik’s Cube in your hands?

    its a trophy xO

  3. I’m chinese too xD

    cool 😀

  4. akumeiji says:

    Whoah no offense Josh but are you the shortest? xD. 你好吗. 我不回写中文.

    Btw can you check my blog on this little problem i posted about my laptop? It’d be great if you could help 😀

    huh. seems like I am 😮

    I’m 5 ’11 or over 180 cm.

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