before any real update

you MUST take a look at this prank

Funny Prank: Hot-dog Stand and a disappearing car 😛


3 Responses to before any real update

  1. shymayhem says:

    LOL that video is so funny, esp their reactions at the end.
    Oh I found out something really funny.
    Datruegoof, lvlastayoshi, and achille20902 all live reallyyyyy close to me. I could probably walk to their schools from mine. Mad weird o_o

    :O that’s really cool. a Maple-gathering sometimes? :p
    ps. randydandy, i like your usernotes on sw :3

  2. akumeiji says:

    lol that’s like when I realized I could have known Jack when I was 6 rofl. IF he went to the same elementary school as me (i think it went up to 7th grade, and 7 years ago, Jack was…. definitely… in elementary school :D)

    And that’s a cool prank I guess.. I like the Japanese ones though 😀

  3. wisdomofzen says:

    LOL. I wonder if people in America would dare pull that off.

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