Alysha’s last words

Final words by one of the hard working,
dedicated mods on that I’ve seen

Alysha’s last words

Alysha’s account is wiped out by Adura





March 18.

I’ve been thinking and struggling about this…
Is this kind of thing morally right to do?
As a Christian, does this kind of action brings glory to God,
as what we are supposed to do?

…tell me if I am wrong…or what.. I somehow don’t feel right
attacking (?) another person. Assuming this source of info
is 100% accurate and authentic, still, is it RIGHT to bring
this to public (my blog)’s attention or should I just let it go?


20 Responses to Alysha’s last words

  1. akumeiji says:

    So if it’s free to voice your opinion then I’ll say…

    Sounds like an online hitler :O

  2. Jackk says:

    Good to see you standing up for what you believe in Josh. If your blog does go down, at least we know it was for a good cause! A shame I never really got to meet this SW mod (Alysha) but to my knowledge, she was a fair and hard working one. The thing that suffers most from this is not Alysha or Adura, but the sleepywood community as they have just lost one of the best admins and perhaps one of the few who did some actual work.

    I have always been against the abuse of power and have often stood up against it to dire results (Archer Council, anyone?). The fact that Alysha’s name has been blocked and whatnot proves that Adura does indeed have something to hide and that he/she is obviously at fault in this matter. What will happen now? Im sure there will be “more jobs” available on the site, if you get what I mean 😉

    and on another topic, apparently Alysha goes to the same university I do (UBC ftw!)

    Thank you for your words, Jack.
    I just hope the person who shared the source won’t get into any trouble.
    and I hope no one who visits here would tell on Adura and make him
    find this website. If he ever does. Well, I hope WordPress is secure enough to not get hacked…
    Alysha’s name is not the only one blocked.
    I was a bit upset when I found out reasons why she got demoted,
    But what happened to her account AND what Adura did to Stereo
    and his attitude towards members in general is just purely… well. you decide.

  3. Jackk says:

    if you can, get on msn later. My sw inbox is completely full D: like… I have literally no space in there. It’d be best if we just talked on msn.

  4. akumeiji says:

    lol I remember when i was little it was my dream to attend UBC, but now I have other plans 😦 I still want to go there and just screw around though.. rofl.

  5. Savage says:

    I completely agree B0WJOB. I was banned from Sleepywood as well. I knew Adura was an ass hole, but he just silenced me like he did Alysha.

    I was banned from sleepywood. I admit, I have my faults in my part.
    I shouldn’t have argued with mods
    and act foolish.

    What I am trying to say is, most of the bans mods handed out were fairly fair (is that grammatically correct?)
    I wouldn’t call Adura an asshole for sure, I just am upset and disagree with some of the stuffs that he is doing
    (according to the information I got from an insider)

  6. batcave says:

    sleepywood-adura = nowood. me likes wood… yes i understand how retardedly gay that sounds … anyways yeah i can live without alysha I mean with all the racial crap already out there in entertainment these days i dont really see how a comment from adura will destroy the world adura is still the leader of sleepywood. whatever he wants to do is fine by the woodland folk … so long as he doesnt decide to make the community go poof making everyone head to basilmarket. which will make basilmarket lol basil + some sensible people.
    yes adura does some crazy things like ban b0wjob from sleepywood and other dramas but I mean 1 less mod isnt going to kill us. For all we know Alysha wanted a reason to quit maplestory and now that he/she has a way out she is taking it. I mean just because she/he got demoded he/she didnt have to start the drama. I mean modding is a privelage not a right.

    Don’t have cows about administrators and how they run things adura already got nxjoew to completely up and leave sleepywood forum due to all the chinese farming ads.

    And as for calling people Hitler … No one and I mean no one can earn that name.

    ~wood lover

    thats true.

  7. Xiyuuna says:

    Now that there is no Alysha the Khaini section is even more screwed up.

    Adura seems like one of those people who can’t do much without being behind a computer screen, give someone a little bit of power and they think they can rule the maple world.

    ._. Is it really all that serious.

    I guess it was hard for me to accept the fact of what kind of person he is.
    I had so much respect for sw and i really like the place…i used to have
    this feeling the owner is gonna be like a good leader but …whatver -.-

  8. batcave says:

    my post was editedzors

  9. raizoo fan says:

    raizoo was banned =[

    yea, i heard about that. what’s up with that ?

  10. Yoda says:

    Dun dun dun… 😦

  11. Luna says:

    I was as everybody else was when we all started Maple, or began Sleepywood. How it was all close knit and nice. But now, that I really look back to it, SW was changing, you could notice it, but for me, I didn’t mind until Adura had played his part on my banning due to some unfortunate events in which he didn’t even care to listen to.

    I wanted to show people how much of an ass he could’ve been through the PMs I received from him, but didn’t. However I didn’t expect Alysha to get done like this either, though I knew she was always intelligent to know this without my word.

    Sadly, I regret donating to SW as well. <_<

    I haven’t talked to Alysha on MSN for awhile too D:

  12. Luna says:

    Oh, not to mention, this blog, made me realize how much more of a jerk Sean really is.

    And I wonder, why they say deletion of account is not possible when Jean (Raizoo) and Alysha have been with others? <_< Heh. Mine’s still there.

    i have no idea. Maybe sean has his reasons. I dont know.
    and keep in mind that all these info are leaked from one person.

  13. Ryanide says:

    I just miss you guys, namely Luna and Alysha. I had fun when you guys were there and it somewhat became my second home. Nowadays, there is no home to seek shelter from the evil deeds of Sean. I would rather have rukmedes back ;_;

    Ruk is gone!? and …Sean is not a bad person…look, everyone is not a good person right?

  14. Ryanide says:

    Well he(ruk) doesnt own the site anymore but just mods the WoW section. Sean barely helps me at times the only time he helped was to refresh FF when it was a little out of order. I still dont like his sarcasm though :\

  15. Michael says:

    Originally Posted by Alysha
    To those wondering about me, I’ll leave you with a parlance:

    I did quit. Adura saying that he fired me from staff is a load of rubbish, really. He didn’t fire me. Firing someone would be something that would be unexpected. I gave him two choices; delete the racist post that had made quite a few people angry, or de-mod me for deleting the racist post for him. In a way, I expected him to choose the latter because we all know how much of a pompous juvenile plonker he is. I wouldn’t have cared if the comment was in the Pooper Scooper. However, an idiot posting in the other forums begets other idiots. Not only is he a fat wanker with no real job, but also a liar (for example, saying that donations help the site run when in reality, the site’s ads actually pay for the site itself, and then some). PS: Stereo never did commit the D-Dos attack; there was no D-Dos attack. It was a “trap” by Adura to find Stereo’s multiple accounts, while soiling his reputation here on SW.

    Not to mention that he hired Sublimity as a mod due to her nude pictures and has asked every girl on his mod list for nudes and what not. Maybe he should become a rent-boy if he’s that desperate to get a hard on.

    To be honest, I find most of the other moderators on this forum to either not be a proactive person in real life or to be a power-hungry person. Keep in mind that I used to be a moderator for Jagex’s RuneScape both on the forums and in-game. This job is nothing new, but the idiosyncratic behavior of its owner is.

    As for me, it’s time to move on. I’ve spent a lot of time visiting this damned site and playing MapleStory and I’m glad I quit playing MapleStory in May and quit coming here, which causes moments where there are temptations at times to play again. I’m a grown woman now and my dream and career lie ahead of me, and soon enough it will be your time to leave. In fact, I’ve recently obtained an amazing offer from the University of Edinburgh to transfer from University of British Columbia to there, but that means living in Scotland starting the coming September, but I’m probably going to take the offer since it’ll be closer to France.

    I don’t have time for forums or a fat lad whose penis goes inside of him. My social and university life is much more interesting than the happenings on this forum. I haven’t logged in since the 16th of February and this will be my last bit of commentary. I will miss all the people that I’ve befriended on MapleStory for the past few years and the people I’ve befriended on this site, as well.

    Au revoir, mes amis

    ~ Alysha

    yeah, i was browsing around trying to find what happdn to her cuz she was my fav mod =\

  16. Michael says:

    oh ya i found that in gams usernotes

  17. Alysha says:

    Amazing what a little bit of googling will do. If you guys want to add me, you can do so at

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  20. Dear owner; i conclude u are a dumb@ss motherfocker stoopid sh1t. I hate you for the racist things you say in your blog. LONG LIVE THE TURKISH FEDERATION!!!!

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