Tespia Day 1 (added few more SS)

Day 1 as GMS Content Tester

Everytime you log in, this shows up.


Click Cody and gain free level ! 😀


Fact about Tespia:

  • Unlimited Maple point to spend
  • Double (or triple or more) experience rate from mosnters
  • Great drop rate (some says it has x30 drop rate)
  • Non-stop Super Megaphone spam due to free Maple Point >_>

you can buy ANYTHING you want
except Shop permits and Gachapon
(maybe they’ll change it in the future)



There are some quests that don’t have
proper spacing. for example:



JackTheGreat aka ALastReprise/Jackk told me the community
is more mature and people are nicer.
In this SS, she randomly gave me an Arund for no cost



I believe every monster gives x2 exp automatically.
I overheard Jackk mentioned that the drop rate is x30.
Whatever it is, Tespia has insane drop rate.


Free NX means Super megaphone spam every single second :p

that’s it for now. gonna go work on Florida Road Trip pictures 🙂


added a few more SS:



Notice notw’s smega; 70% of the Super megaphone spam is asking
“IS ANYONE IN _________ ?? @@@@”

People ask this is because they can VIP teleport and
mark down the mapon their VIP rock. Town scroll?
what is town scroll? we use VIP to travel >:D





yay advanced to Ranger at lvl 144 lol.



Buddy from Khaini.


11:46 am March 15


12 Responses to Tespia Day 1 (added few more SS)

  1. Zen says:

    Lol, that looks awesome. I wish I could level every time with one click. D:

  2. batcave says:

    man if i was you … unlimited nx … level up 100 times putting all sp into int after every level then at then reset it all put most of it into hp then reset the now insane ammounts of mp you have and put them into str and dex so that you can equip your good bows o.0 then off to horntail with your 10000 hp bowmaster 😛

  3. Narguz says:

    Congratulations. More pictures please =]

  4. Goggyfour says:

    It’s like a theme park, where everyone is spoiled to the degree where happiness is the unfortunate norm. o_o Sort of like the equivalent of most people’s idea of a utopian paradise, or heaven.

    My guild leader had an interesting perspective on it though, and remarked that he didn’t sign up because at that point it ceases to be fun in the way a game should be. That is, it no longer becomes a game, but an exercise in futility. This seems to follow most stories that decry the concept of utopia versus a world the requires some effort.

    Oh well. I would love to test some things myself though. I hope you guys get pirate class soon o_o

    I loled at “whoevers in the 3rd job thing for warriors, gtfo”

  5. shymayhem says:

    Omg Josh,
    that looks like so much freaking fun.
    ughh >:O this reminds me of gym class.
    no one ever picks me :[

  6. akumeiji says:

    LOL in my gym class it’s the “Hey look it’s the chinese kid that sucks!”

  7. HellHound8 says:

    Man I’m so jealous. That looks so fun 😦 but they never picked me. Well I hope you put out more screenshots

  8. kanyewong says:

    Congrats BowJob on being a tester!

  9. kanyewong says:

    BTW raizoo was banned because she/he posted THIS pic in her/his siggy

  10. Evan says:

    wow Josh.. so fucking lucky =(… I was praying that I would get to do it because my accounts got hacked.. Nothing to play now >.>

  11. Notw says:

    Hey! I’m in an SS example >.> I like the vip rock =X

  12.  Un videojuego como otro mas, de todas formas con practicos situaciones

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