Tespia Day 2: First Papulatus with a DK

Depnoa and B0WJOB of Khaini went Pap in Tespia as
MyNameIsMatt and B0WJOB,
lvl 162 Dark Knight and lvl 162 Bowmaster


89 Att metus with
60% Bow, 10% Bow,
60% failed, 10% failed, 10% failed, <-no bait
and 1 slot left.



SS taken at 9:38 PM


6 miuntes.


It was quite laggy,
but I think Matt (Depnoa) had heavier lag



6K HP with Hyperbody! how awesome is that !


We got to 50% after 15 minutes.


While Papping and spamming Sharp Eye,
Maple Story suddenly turned black
and minimized and with the computer in the Computer Lab
I had about 10 seconds lag.

I had no idea what happened. While the game is minimized
and I’m sitting there thinking “this might be the end of Pap”
I saw this on my desktop:


I resumed MS and

Thank you Free NX/Auto Pot/Hyperbody/My Panda 😀


Killed first body after 29 minutes

Exp gained: +4,291,201
Bonus Party Exp: +429,119
Total Exp from 1st Body: 4,720,320


2nd Body took a while because Pap was all over me
and I was doing most of the damage.
Even though I had 6k HP and I could take a hit from Pap
I was conditioned to NOT get hit from Pap’s 2nd body
(Instant death in GMS)
so it was a bit ‘difficult’ to get up and get hit by it.


During 1st body we took off our Pet loot items so
we can take a good SS when we finish Pap.

As we were close to finish Papulatus all I had in mind is to
press “Print Screen” at the right moment to take a good
screenshot of the drops. and finally:


Great drop rate + x2 Drop card = Amazing drops !
Exp from 2nd Body: 7,682,400


RIGHT AFTER I took the screenshot
first thing I did was minimized MS
and opened Paintshop to save the SS.

“Dang, Matt and I are gonna get some meso and
good items from this hunt :D”

When I came back: (read the conversation and look at the ss)





I swear it was less than 20 seconds.
How can the drops vanish SO quickly ;__;




Lesson learned today in Tespia:





Still, Matt and I enjoyed the Pap experience.
Total time spent: 33 minutes.


A few people suggested Matt looted all the items.

I calculated the time between dropping an item
to the ground and it’s disappearance with my watch;
The drops last for about 30~35 seconds before it disappears.

After taking the SS of drops, it took more than 40 seconds
to minimize MS, open MSpaint, paste the SS,
save it as PNG file, and come back to MS.

Please don’t accuse my friend when you don’t know him.


8 Responses to Tespia Day 2: First Papulatus with a DK

  1. Zen says:

    xD Good to see that you’re still having fun out in Tespia Josh.

    thanks Zen. and btw, that Red Whip was free of charge.

  2. akumeiji says:

    lol I wanna go pap too 😦


    There’s Odin MS which is a private server MS to my knowledge
    and drop rate and exp rate are insane.
    I heard they can kick you out or something,
    but… maybe this could be one possibility to play a
    high level character without spending hundreds and hundreds of hours of training ?

  3. MR. Basil says:

    comment deleted.
    Don’t accuse my friend when you don’t know ANYTHING about him.

  4. Genji says:

    Damn, that was a nice amount of loot. Huge bummer that it all disappeared.
    Didn’t know that actually happens in Tespia. =/

  5. kanyewong says:

    Too bad it vanished =[

  6. Depnoa says:

    Just to clarfiy, Josh had asked me to take pet auto-loot off, so I did. After we killed pap he was going to SS, so I waited for him to SS and say he had so I could loot.. He didn’t say yes because he’d minimized MS and I didn’t know, so we didn’t get anything. Still it was fun ^^

  7. Xiyuuna says:



    ._. the drops were so cool….before they went poof!

    *hysterical laughter*

    your last line of comment reminds me of a witch .___.
    a pretty witch lol

  8. Ari says:

    Matts a girl!


    Also, I totally hate you both for getting in. </3

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