Tespia Day 3: Solo’d Papu (and more)

Solo’d Papu, and killed successfully 🙂


this is very weird.
I went to MS folder for SS
(there were few interesting happenings when I was soloing Papu)
and this is what I saw:


This is odd…no interesting story about Pap then…

let me go back and take SS of the drops then..

*goes back to MS


I think it took me around 40 minutes to solo Papu.
To keep things simple, pictures > words:

The drops:

Actually they are mostly NPC items.




What’s NOT in the SS:

As I was soloing Papu in null ch,
I discovered my friend MyNameIsMatt
was Papping in Ch 1 and he was the survivor.

Took him 3 hours (?) a while to finish pap.
He found 5 books.

He gave me a Hurricane 30.

Matt says:

Lol Josh.. It took me 2.5 hours.
That’s what I get for doing it solo on a DK instead of with my Hero X.x



Story happened earlier today:

I had a 87 att clean Dark Arund.
I was hunting Rogs all day for scrolls (fun!)
and here’s my scroll job:

Is bait scroll really just all luck?
Is my 10% Scrolling video, Scrolling Casa,
Made 3/4 10% 6 60% Dark Pris,
and a lot other other bows with bait scrolls
all just luck? If so, I’m one darn lucky person xD


Another 10% worked. Making it 2 10% 5 slots.


Many things happened in between:

– Hunting C rog,
– Hunting Jr Rog
– Giving away/selling things to Tespians
– Screwing around having fun


and that took about several hours.
I’ll probably blog about scroll hunting some other time.


Just happend few minutes ago:







I feel accomplished soloing Papu.
Gonna lay low on MS tomorrow >.<


Oh, by the way, watched Boondocks Saints
with friends on Monday night since it’s
St. Patrick day (3rd time watching).

Fricking awesome movie. One of my fav.


6 Responses to Tespia Day 3: Solo’d Papu (and more)

  1. Depnoa says:

    Lol Josh.. It took me 2.5 hours. That’s what I get for doing it solo on a DK instead of with my Hero X.x

    DK is more like playing safe imo, let me clearify that in my blog

  2. Scott says:

    So you said NX is infinite right? Wouldn’t that mean you could gach for as long as you wanted?

    Gachapon and “colorful megaphones” and shop permits cant be bought…yet

  3. shymayhem says:

    no gacha for tespian servers
    and josh, sometime when you aren’t training
    care to join me for that concentrate quest D:

    sure :O
    I’m really busy today; got a quiz a paper another quiz and 2 hour work shift and 2 hours of social event and who knows a friend just came back from Europe from spring break so maybe DoTA tonight so i think probably wednesday is a good time

  4. DeadlyForce1 says:

    WOOT! Man, this server is totally crazy….. 3x base EXP, all the time 2x EXP, x30 drop rate?!?! THATS INSANE!

    I wish I got chosen…. I’d kill to play in Tespia for even a little while ^_^ Post more, and have fun!

  5. Xiyuuna says:

    Jackk versus B0wjob
    *starts mortal kombat music*


    D:< You both should get to level 200 (lol)

    there IS a dude who level’d to 164. saw it on Megaphone.

  6. Goggyfour says:

    Why the hell are people attempting to sell things? Do mesos actually have any value in this server o_O (considering you could attack any monster and essentially pay all your pot costs). The only things you would actually need to buy are the “expensive” NPC goods, and you can find anything else. I suppose there would be some competition for rare skill books though…hmmm.

    Not only that, but I sense that your characters will be reset sometime anyway o_O

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