How to kill PG hackers by Panjos

Amazing 😀



Thought of unable to log into Tespia:

Few players from both and basil
have mentioned that they can’t log into
Tespia and when they click
“View all characters” they see
“”Cannot find any characters””
and wondering if this is the end of Tespia.

It doesn’t seem logical for Nexon to spend weeks of preparing for Tespia,
going through all that trouble selecting 1000 Maplers,
and shut it down after ONE week.

I highly doubt it’s gone for good.

well if they select new group of 1000 ppl for testing,
I’m fine with that. An opportunity of amazing experience
for another 1000 Maplers while the old testers enjoyed their time.


Wednesday, 19th


First album I bought within the last 5 years.




11 Responses to How to kill PG hackers by Panjos

  1. Ari says:


    ❤ Joe

    HEY ARI !

  2. hermitcity says:

    haha that’s really clever, good way to clear a map out and train also if hackers are as bad as it sounds.

    inorite ?

  3. DeadlyForce1 says:

    Tespia has probably only been wiped temoporarily…. I’m sure when they start working on the next patch they’ll open it back up again.

    But that said…. Does this mean that only the 1000 chosen testers will ever be testers? That kinda sucks…..

  4. Goggyfour says:

    Agreed on your opinion about closing Tespia.

    They wouldn’t go through all that trouble just to give 1000 lucky people one week in paradise.

    They’re probably working on the next patch.

  5. akumeiji says:

    Maybe they’ll select new people 😀 another chance! wewt!

  6. batcave says:

    Its just 1000 testers for a week … and if its like cms you cant get chosen 2 times in a row. but knowing people they have a gazillion charecters level 50+ so chances are still hight the same person will get to go again.

  7. ISoundl says:

    They released the tespia stuff (some?) on GMS, so they’re probably working on next set of stuff to test, and maybe those who contributed in that week get to continue? lol i’m just guessing 😛

    Side note: you can kill those lower attacking PGers or those who cant kill as fast, by hitting the monster and hope the magic attack can hit them. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard that it works if the m attack hits.

    Side side note: I have an 81 attack bow of magical destruction (lv 65 one)..I’m not really a scrolling person (I buy scrolled stuff =P) so I was wondering what I should try and scroll the bow with o.o

  8. Jackk says:

    Tespia might not be gone for good, but we might be gone for good from tespia. Go figure.

    well then i’ll write a long and touching eulogy then ;__;

  9. Xiyuuna says:

    xD That was fun going around with Joe.
    Amazing how something like that kills them.

    yah xD

  10. Goggyfour says:

    I downloaded TBU out of curiosity, and it’s a great album, as expected.

    I really enjoy listening to Track 1 and Track 6.

    Goooo Antikythera Mechanism. Maybe I’ll find the video files somewhere >_<

  11. Goggyfour says:

    Listened to it in its entirety 4 times.

    I’ll go get the 5.1 speakers in the basement later. I still want to watch the videos in their entirety..

    I’m tempted to torrent

    I can’t find a 5.1 speaker ;____;

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