Taking a break from blogging

maybe for 4 days. so there shouldn’t be anything new for the next 4 days

Laptop Story


I think my laptop is 95% dead.
there’s still a very tiny little hope that it can be fixed.
Feeling of anxiety and negative feelings are starting to come at me..

worse of all…this is a better laptop that I traded from my dad
over the winter break
(I traded my crappy laptop for his decent laptop, and it’s his decent laptop
that is broken)

I really hope my laptop can be fixed..
….there is an interesting story (about a worker from IT department
and his advice on my laptop) that…i dont feel like sharing.

afk. brb. …


3 Responses to Taking a break from blogging

  1. TimeMaverick says:

    Good luck, man. Don’t get too down if it can’t be fixed though, technology isn’t always reliable. Hopefully everything will work out all right.

  2. DeadlyForce1 says:

    Ouch…. if my laptop was out of it…. hehe, I’d be pretty down too 😦

    Hope everything turns out OK in the end man…. Take it easy.

  3. akumeiji says:

    umm Josh do you have an Ebay account? Cause I’m selling my laptop for 800~900 dollars, if it breaks, you could buy mine. “DeadlyForce1” inspired me to get a Mac XD and now I can’t get rid of that idea… Anyways, it’s always another option for you if you’d like.

    Still, I hope your laptop fixes. Especially in your case.. if I took my dad’s laptop and broke it… What would I say to him…. >.<

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