is a beast !


thoughts after chapter 312 page 8:

no matter how many arms he had …6…….. i mean
it’s fricking KENPACHI.


here, if you have never heard of this guy,

its not too late to start:

The Escapist : Zero Punctuation

Weekly web video game reviews by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw.



10 Responses to Kenpachi

  1. akumeiji says:

    Yea Kenpachi is a beast :O although it was kind of stupid his special stuff was to use two hands…

    Ah! Dong wu! Is it wu or woo? I’m not that good at pinyin xD. I just know how to speak Chinese and I try to write it wit pinyin…. problem is, sometimes on the computer, theres many variations of chinese words.. Not sure which one is right xD

  2. Jackk says:

    Remember who got you started on bleach? xP Never knew you read the manga as well

    The author of Bleach obviously slept through biology classes. Praying manti only have SIX limbs, not eight D: PHAIL PHAIL PHAIL

  3. Zen says:

    Lol, I don’t know any Asian people who don’t know about OneManga. Luv that site for all my free Manga needs. 😀

    Roflwut? What’s next? Hola 3 – Finish the Fight, for real this time!

  4. akumeiji says:

    I didn’t know about OneManga… I’m chinese >=O

    I go to for manga 😀

  5. B0WJOB says:

    Mr. C,
    I’ll take a look at it, but from what you have described, it is probably a problem with the battery, the power adapter, or the motherboard. Each of them are kinda pricey to replace, so my options may be limited with the advice I can give you. I could look at it some time tomorrow night, but again, from what you have described, things don’t look very hopeful.


    —–Original Message—–
    From: C, Joshua
    Sent: Mon 3/24/2008 3:58 PM
    To: Sanders, David
    Subject: Hello David

    Hi, I have been troubled and stressed about this laptop problem for the past 3 weeks
    and recently I heard two guys from IT Department that recommended you for a hope.

    WYou know when you plug in the adapter into your laptop there’s a light that
    indicates that the laptop receives power?
    Well, 2~3 weeks ago my Dell Inspiron 1300 couldn’t receive the power from power adapter
    and I couldn’t start my laptop…

    I took it to IT on the first weekend and ran into a student worker in LV hall and this is what he said
    “Just get a computer science major and solder it,
    it’s a simple process and shouldn’t be too hard.”

    My roommate who have some experience with computer opened it up
    and turned out that it was far from “shouldn’t be too hard”

    anyway, my friend soldered it…and my roommate put it back
    but there’s still no improvement.

    It’s not like the laptop is completely dead;
    when i hit the power i see 2 lights showing the laptop
    tries to operate but fails because there’s no power in laptop..

    David, if you could take your time and look into my laptop
    i would be greatly appreciate it.

    This laptop is actually my dad’s and I traded my Inspiron 1000 for his 1300…
    I would really hate to tell him that his laptop is broken 😦

    once again, i know IT staffs are here to help with computer issues
    but I figured this is something way beyond the tasks IT staffs usually do…

    please let me know what you think, thanks.



  6. Jackk says:

    Reading about how your laptop broke, it sounds similar to what happened to my mom’s toshiba. You turn it on, and 2 seconds later, it dies, right? My mom brought it in (Her 3 year warranty was around 2 months from running out) and they said the motherboard was completely fried, meaning the repairs would cost too much, so they gave us back 472.75 (lol at random numbers) in a Staples Gift Card in which they spent to get a new… Toshiba laptop -_-” (After everything, the cost of the laptop added up to $1,000, which I say is quite a waste as she just uses it for typing most of the time. No need to get super specs on it, right?)

    But… yeah. Her motherboard was fried, which means major repairs as all your important things are on your motherboard. Good luck Josh D: I dont think its a battery problem at all. Your battery could be dead but your whole laptop might be… gone ;O


  7. shymayhem says:

    Ryan: “josh says stop commenting his wordpress plawks”
    jerk ;_;
    and kenpachi is a true beast but byakuya’s battle seems more cool
    so calm and collected, smooth and suave. reminds me of someone :3

  8. akumeiji says:

    Wow… all of us are having problems with our laptops eh? And Jack, you’re luckier than me, when I went to Best Buy, they offered me $360. Sigh.. why do their return policies have to be 14 days? If it were 30 days, I coulda returned it 😦

    To everyone: I think laptops in general are quite unstable. Anyone with a laptop seems to have problems.. most people seem to have them.. I seem to have come to a general conclusion that most people who have Apple either don’t have these problems or can deal with it easily. And so I’m probably going to buy a computer from Apple.. not sure what to get yet. Anyone can contradict me/give suggestions?

  9. ryanide says:

    Heya b0wjob;

    I’ve started my own wordpress and it’s regarding my xbowgirls adventure to snipah.
    Apparently I’m new to wordpress and dont know how to make a side for linking ><

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