To DoTA players

made by IceFrog and PizzaSlice


April 8th? hope something does happen :p


4 Responses to To DoTA players

  1. shymayhem says:

    Ugh, I really wanna pick up Dota again.
    I really miss my favorite character, PA. :[
    But the video was really good, but they pick on Pudge too much ahahah

  2. shymayhem says:

    I hate April Fool’s day.
    lmao i just bought summoning rocks from you 1 for 59K each.
    5.9M for 100 rocks, I FAIL~ LOL

    oh , thats you?
    awesome! see i was gonna pull that prank and I thought
    the person who bought those rocks will mention it in my shop
    so i’ll know who that person it
    (but i never saw the message)

    im gonna give u the money back. it’s a joke dude xD

  3. Jackk says:

    No April fools joke? Im disappointed

    well i thought about revealing my true identity (im black)
    but i don’t think people will buy it

  4. shymayhem says:

    i was in a rush and my money dropped drastically i panicked until i realized it was your store. xD

    enjoy the bonus 50 rock as compensation >.<

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