a random blog post (+4)

so i should be reading this:

Typical Dreams: Stability and Gender Differences
(a PDF file of 11 pages of research article)

but I digress and was digging old pictures/videos for lulz
and i thought of sharing these:

Folder name: Cali pic – Ray likes
Year: 2005
Location: Chino Hill, California


btw Ray and I were roommates and we started photography around
the same time, going out and taking pictures and stuff
and now as he graduated he pursue more in Photography
while Im in University living a life of lulz.

ah, The camera I used to take these pictures,
is also the camera that I shoot this video:


(watch 0:36~0:45 and ONLY THAT PART.
This shows what I always do to this camera
when I shoot pictures..
before I bought myself a Canon Digital Rebel XT)



oh, also,

if you are bored, Digg.com is a good time killer. Enjoy :]



if you have seen the pics and watched the video
(with ONLY part I told you to),
Finish this blog by
Read the rest of this entry »



You punk you watched the whole video didn’t you >:P


2 Responses to a random blog post (+4)

  1. Zen says:

    Yeah. Zen watched the whole video. What you do to your camera reminds me of what old people do their TV. o.O

    And Lol at your friend, he got punk’d.

  2. Jonas says:

    thats one sexed up pictures <333

    never seems to fail me when i look at your work

    oh my. thanks for your high compliment :O
    i’m afk for some photography things bb :p

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