Haha, thanks Nexon

after spending over $400+ for me and my brother’s account

i finally got lil money back xD

10k….Gachapon or Megaphone xD

(I tend to use megaphone ‘wisely’)


6 Responses to Haha, thanks Nexon

  1. Jackk says:

    Way to rub it in D:

    Win 2 more times and world transfer to Scania!!!!

    IsaacGS came to Khaini~

  2. Zen says:

    You have enough moola as it is. Just go get some megaphones so I can see one of these infamous ‘B0wjob Smegas’. 😛

    ‘infamous’ D:

  3. Kevo says:

    Eugh, you know Smegas are way fun! Have you ever tried smegaing the Alphabet? It’s super fun! Try it!

    oh my. I don’t get down like that 😮

  4. Jackk says:

    Rofl, I look at my video thread, see some guy tell me how boring it is, then see that you’re looking at it and go to myself “I’ll let Josh deal with him” and instead you deal with the idiot I dealt with a few days ago D: gg, haha. I’ll deal with him tomorrow after my final D:

    wait, I dealt with what?
    OH. you mean the comment I left on your blog


  5. Hey B0W, lucky you huh? I applied to get chosen for the next Content Testing…. it should be… fun? Enlightening? 😛

    I probably won’t get chosen, and if I do it’ll be useless anyways since I’m going on vacation next week 😛 2 weeks in the sun is pretty nice though…. ^_^

    lets hope we all get chosen and have FUN 😀

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