I have to admit

Knowing that I will be graduating from Univ next weekend
is a lot fricking more exciting about doing Tespia content testing.

5 years from now on I’m sure I’ll treasure more on the memory on graduating
than being selected as Content tester.

so as a little attempt to encourage those who didn’t get selected…

it’s not that bad bro. sometimes changing your perspective might
make life look a lot better 🙂

ps. After reading batcave’s comment I want to add this:

guys i am sincere D:

I really didnt meant to “rub it in” …. T_T

here’s a little assuring fact to make you feel a bit better,

for you Maple fans:

I haven’t touched/downloaded/played Tespia yet.

so you and I are in equal ground.

but seriously. theres so much better things in life than getting selected as content tester, yo.

for real.

edit 2: oh lol


9 Responses to I have to admit

  1. LokiT says:

    first off, congrats on graduation man! my brother just recently finished off uni also and he came home last night and he seems pretty content lol. Also I totally agree with what your saying which is why recently I’ve been a little lacking on gaming time because I’ve been trying to focus on school stuff lol.

    I always see you on msn but when ever I do, I need to sleep lol it’s quite hilarious


  2. batcave says:

    the way you rub it in josh hurts more than those who show off…

    dude. i was rubbing in? D:
    that makes me feel like crap.
    I really intend to encourage. not make ppl feel bad

  3. Zankarst says:

    dude, maple > rl.

    what’re you thinking?!

    f3f3. just kidding.

    anyway, InterNational told me to pass you and laugh at you … but idk, 130’s a long way >_>;

    just a heads up xD

    :O wat

  4. Jackovitch2 says:

    I totally agree Josh =)

    ps (log on MSN more often xD i havent sen you online in ages)

    sure bro

  5. neonian says:

    Blargh Josh let’s switch bodies for 2 months.

    switch body with a guy? do not want.

  6. batcave says:

    i meant the fact that your graduating … lol… rubbing it in … i got 3 more years to go if im lucky …

    hey im gonna miss college life man it’s probably gonna be one of the best in life. no kidding.

  7. shymayhem says:

    huh? what offer? o.o

    check your pm >_>

  8. Congratulations on Graduating – now you’ve got your whole life ahead of you man. I wish you all the best in the future.

    Related Posts = ROFL.

  9. akumeiji says:

    Gratz on graduating, and now you’ve got to go find a job… or whatever it is you’re going to be doing after this. Wow. That’s kinda cool xD.

    Find a job in New York City and I’ll visit you! Besides, theres a lot of job opportunities here 😀

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