A question

I have a question for the friends who visit this blog (you):

What is your current Maple Story goal? :]


13 Responses to A question

  1. adam says:

    My goal is to sell my 21 int green dana in kradia for 50k or more nx then wait till new server comes out (any guess when thats gonna be?) and make a crossbowman and try my best to become part of the first zak run

  2. shymayhem says:

    Effing get 140.
    I’m like 59% away ;_;

  3. shymayhem says:

    Don’t tempt me!!
    But yeah, I have similar opinions. I don’t like signing on other people’s accounts and vice versa. I got an offer from Simpleton31 to go on Tespia on her account since 2 of her accounts got chosen but…meh
    I really want to try but I’m so swamped in work D:

    awesome ! Randy !!! Good for you for putting Life> MS

  4. Zen says:

    Ooh, ooh, pick Zen, pick ZEN!

    Reach 80 by the summer, maybe 90. I’ll work my way up through to 120 like you eventually, and become a 4th Job FM Master.

    GO zen Go !

  5. Ari says:

    Max HB… Maybe 110 on the mage.


    ari you nib

  6. HellHound8 says:

    My goal is just have a freaking 100+ arund. It doesn’t seem it’s gonna happen because WS hates me and every ilbi drop is either looted or jacked.

    plus, the 30% Bow are in ridiculous price -.-

  7. RedCecilofBera says:

    My nearst goal is to become my most admired class: bishop im lvl 116 now and still working hard on the training everyday, before you quit training, you were my goal to pass 🙂 Now its more like lvl 150, i know i can do it. Next goal would be to get some decent items( current ones suck) I check you blog everyday, and i cant keep away from coming back, thats my last goal, to make a blog, people wanna visit.

    Bishop! I envy you, that class really attracts me >.<
    Have fun in reaching your goals and thanks 🙂

  8. Ari says:

    nou pls

    gtf on msn

  9. Ari says:

    Nib or not I still ❤ you <33

  10. Zankarst says:


    …not rly :[

    but more like I FUCKING WANT THAT SE.



    ever since i came back, grinding has been so slow at gobies … i don’t even bother timing myself because i know it’s going to be less than 10%/hr. i tried jr newties but just ended up wasting 3 charms trying to get drops and went back to gobies with tail between my legs =p

    also, i have jealousy of all the people that seem to make so much money to afford equipment upgrades, how the hell do they do it. i tried FMing before (buy low sell high) but just couldn’t sell anything and made a loss in the end, eventually just gave up and sold only the drops i got from gobies.

    srsly, i had to borrow money to buy that casa.

    -fails at making money-

    not only that, i feel like i’m funding two characters (me & my girlfriend) so it’s stressful thinking about how we’re going to afford all that crap.


    b> intensive class on merchanting 101.

  11. Jackovitch2 says:

    To delete my account and quit once and for all -.-THAT is my goal :S

  12. Become priest, but mainly to make a lot of friends. I’m only lv 43

  13. article says:

    great read, I’ll be sharing the information

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