A prank? a project? It’s GENIUS !

Wow. If you haven’t seen this, I guarentee you
the next few minutes won’t go in waste



Got this baby last week


It was selling for $99 (dang, now it’s selling for 90$ >_> )
500 GB….been download TONS of movies…

for a guy that has had 40 GB hard drive laptop for 4 years,
I feel like a hungry kid in a candy house.

anyway…MS related post coming soon…

This is final exam week and there are business to be taken care of


3 Responses to A prank? a project? It’s GENIUS !

  1. shymayhem says:

    I took theater class and our theater teacher told us about this acting troupe that does projects like this. It’s pretty funny, we read about one at D.C where everyone would come ride the subway without wearing pants. LOL the pictures were so funny
    They had a random person walking between cars selling pants and some random guy who wasn’t even part of the act just took his pants off.
    But the undercover agent’s expression was so funny.

  2. Zankarst says:

    lolol, i have a 30gb laptop and family bought a 250gig mac and i’ve used up like 200gb already from movies/stuff .______.

    gotta get an external hdd soon xD

  3. great video, loved every second of it.

    I’ve got a 120 GB Macbook Pro, now I’ve only got 30 GB left 😛

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