Things coming up

Thursday – last final and graduation stage-walk rehearsal,
family (flew from Hong Kong) will arrive Dallas and stay over at friend’s house

Friday – Family will drive up to my town, hopefully we’ll meet up for lunch
Other things, Maybe Iron Man with friends + family

Saturday – Graduation ceremony

Sunday~Tuesday(?) – hang out with family then they’ll return to Hong Kong,.

yea. there will be lack of Maple Story updates for a while >.<

by the way, I suppose Tespia has ended.

For those who didn’t get selected, hey, I didn’t get to play Tespia
like you did. We are on the same boat 😉


4 Responses to Things coming up

  1. Jackk says:

    Josh, Tespia got extended to next Monday. You can play on the weekend =D

  2. Jackovitch2 says:

    Doesnt look like you will run out of things to do in the coming days ; )

  3. shymayhem says:

    Crap haha Tespia got extended to Monday?
    Right when all my schoolwork ends…
    Tespia 3 for the win? =D

  4. akumeiji says:

    Gratz on graduation, sounds like you’ll be busy for quite some time! xD. And about your previous post… you have a…. 40GB Hard Drive o_O. That seagate drive is way too cheap though… I don’t think I’d buy that. And here I am with my 120GB HD and I think that’s really little… which it is but yea…. =X

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