A fantasy came true…

7 30%? O_o !


18 Responses to A fantasy came true…

  1. Eric says:

    What is her main account?

    I wish I knew xP

  2. Crab says:

    I would have bought that thing in aheart beat for a bil if I was in Khaini >_>

    if I had a bil….;___;

  3. Zen says:

    I thought that’s a B0wjob only thing. o.O Probably 7 10%’s with Whites, then trash slots?

    I should’ve asked

  4. Louniz says:

    Wow i would bought that directly!!

  5. Goggyfour says:

    -_- resurgences of the dupe hack from a while ago. I agree with my guild leader on this (he returned a 135 atk dagger after investigating its origins), that nobody in their right mind would ever finish a weapon off with 10% or 30% scrolls, and nobody has enough money to afford that many white scrolls.

    I’m highly suspicious of all weapons like this. It may be a dream fulfilled, but if you had to cheat to get there, I pity you. This one reason why there is so much drama over GawdawfuI in Windia. . .

    ah. GawdafuI. i’ve heard the name. in fact. Some of this player’s items are on the Legendary list

  6. HellHound8 says:

    That’s crazy…


  7. shymayhem says:

    Duped bow :/

    With ONE online class to finish but yea im 98% done xP

  8. Kevo says:

    Duped, and extremely cheap f5~

    gimmie one xD

  9. Xavier says:

    It’s really sad everything nicely scrolled people yell duped automatically. It’s not insanely hard to make perfect gear.

    I made a perfect claymore in JMS and all I did was put 7 scrolls in a row.

    0MG DUPE HAX R3PORT 1!!1!!!

  10. James says:

    I wish Nexon could wipe away duped items like Blizzard did in Diablo 2, but the way the game is designed it probably won’t happen.

    1 bil is too cheap for a bow like that, it’s on par with a 141 Dragon Shiner!

    lol SoJ

  11. KineticArrow says:

    JOSH! u know who it is anyway, nice Bow and that SviiCj he is a friend of my old rangers Tell him Kinetic says hi

    when i get on i will

  12. Xiyuuna says:

    one of the marketers I don’t trust.
    nice bow, I’ll probably never get my dark nisrock that high

    word to the mother

  13. Mible says:

    Naah tahts just the scroll hack. -not impressed- if it were to be a legit bow. Id bow to the girl. But i doubt it. They just make the 10% scrolls work as 100% sadly =\


  14. Crab says:

    Not so much of a fantasy, but I thought you’d enjoy this, B0WJOB. I don’t know if it counted, but check it out :D. Perhaps some new material to add to that Legendary Equip list. ^^

    THATS AWESOME I”LL UPDATED the page tomorrow :O

  15. Zen says:

    ^Holy crap! That’s an awesome top! :O

  16. Jackk says:

    ^That’s an overall.

    And Josh, you only have 5 mill after 5 months of selling rocks? You make more money farming at gobies (and you woulda lvl’d too!). Phail D:

    the opportunity cost 😉

  17. Eric says:

    Wasn’t popmycherry2 the first one to make a 15 attack wg? Errr 2 15 attacks.

    really o_o ?

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