So I’ve been selling rocks when I afk

sometimes I put some ‘witty’ message
with limited letters I have in my inventory


and reading some comments is entertaining =p


well. they aren’t too amazingly entertaining, so here’s a cool SS.

at least i think so


maybe one day I’ll gather all the comments I like and post them here n_n

in the mean time, been spending time with family,

keeping busy by planning things (and by things it include many things :p)

Hopefully I can take my brother to Six Flag this friday.

in the mean time, seeing that the 4th (?) Maple anniversary is approaching…

I wonder how much those average maple items sell for in fm =p

anyway, have a nice day, and if you like manga,

you can read manga online on onemanga.com


8 Responses to Flavor

  1. Zen says:

    3rd Anniversary smart one. 😛 These weapons are expensive the first day out. 20m for a Maple Kandiva? xO

  2. Kevo says:

    Eww =( I threw all my Letters because I couldn’t loot an Amorian Relaxer once f5!

  3. Crab says:

    I have some Legendary Bowman Equipment when you have the time to update^^. Scrolled these today.


  4. Crab says:

    Rawr, wrong format, sorry I’m half asleep D:

  5. Jackovitch2 says:

    Or mange.bleachexile.com or .org i dont remember

  6. Stelo says:

    Josh you remember my brother Eljayz? He partially started a Bowman because he wanted to then he got bored of it and wanted to start a fighter but when you personally added him to WoB and he saw you level so fast and how cool you were you inspired him to keep on going to try and become a Ranger. All he needs is 5 more lvls now.

  7. Ariel says:

    Hi B0wjob,

    You have a wonderful blog here and I noticed you have a onemanga link. May i introduce you to to http://www.9panels.com. We are just starting out 🙂

    Sorry if this was the wrong place to post it.


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