Two Khaini Archers

Geeze, this is not even a blog post about
ME doing good deeds. but whatever you say.

I probably should blog about my experience of soloing Boss Cake
that took me 40~50 minutes and only got an average Kandayo
and how I met a Mexican lvl 4x mage and became friends.

But I’m telling this story anyway.


I wanted the lvl 64 Maple Kandiva Bow.
I’ve been wanting it for a while
(just not buying it from FM. The process
and experience of earning that bow
is more satisfying :p)

As I was looking for a spot in FM,
I ran into CeaseIV, lvl 128 Bowmaster

I have talked to him before, but just a quick conversation
or so at FM that lasts no longer than 15 seconds.
I don’t know him as well as I know some of my friends.

I forgot the detail, but basically, after hearing that I was looking
for a Kandiva bow, he generously gave me one for free.
He said it’s not good stat, but I didn’t care.
I just wanted to wear it for the look :p

I insisted that I’ll pay some meso for it,
but he insisted to take it for free.


Now I have been giving helping hands or items/mesos
to people before, and I know it’s a good thing and
IT FEELS GOOD to GIVE to others without asking for rewards.

Still, being the receiver makes me grateful.
and I bet CeaseIV (CeaseiV) feels good for doing a good deed too =]




At the same time, I met Serenii, lvl 89 Ranger, in FM

Similar to CeaseIV, I know Serenii recently, but not well enough
to even call her friend. I just didn’t get know him well
(yes it’s a he and he says it)

Basically, he whispered me asking my opinion on his situation:
He bought a 105 att 2 slots Dark Arund and was wondering
if he should 30% the rest, or use white scrolls.

Long story short, he is going to use white scroll and
i was there watching.

I always thought to use a white scroll you apply the scroll
on the item first THEN use the 10%/30%/60% scroll on it..

Turn out that Serenii can’t get his white scroll to work.

once again, long story short, he handed over the white scrolls,
the 105 Dark Arund , and 10% scrolls without hesistation

I was overwhelmed by the trust he had on me…

If I had 11 white scrolls and this kick ass bow,
I don’t think I can let another person to try it without

anyway, so I tried it (doing it wrong) and white scroll didn’t work.
eventually we learned how to make it work.

There’s more story after this, but the point is, I am just
overwhelmed by the trust he had on me.

We became buddy later :p

(i’d buddy CeaseIV too if he wouldn’t mind adding me)



I just saw Serenii’s post on talking about the same thing

I overpaid B0wjob by 200 million for his 109 att, 4 dex Arund. I also trusted him to hold my items while shifting to another account. He gave the items back to me, and the next day he gave me back the 200 mil. Maybe it wasn’t the greatest financial decision on his part, but him I would trust with a lot more than 200 mil after that. A person who took advantage of me in FM, I wouldn’t trust with a dime. There’s more to life than money, and there’s more to Maple than squeezing every last meso out of a person whom you think a fool.



life is beautiful


7 Responses to Two Khaini Archers

  1. batcave says:

    please dont become another ray*pokgai* with the righteousness its cool and all… but i mean there is a point where it just becomes something you must share with other to make it mean something … a deed is a deed no matter if it is known by 1 man or by 5000 …… just saying there is a point where it becomes a what the crap are you saying kind of situation like with ray … which caused him to do a complete overhaul of his blog might i add … well the righteous crap and the incident … that is.
    anywho … soloing cake boss would have been a better thing to do o.0 .. or maybe anego … well anywho …

    I will keep that in mind….

  2. Zen says:

    Late grats on 200,000 hits Josh! Continue doing these things for people, because it’s always the morally straight way to do everything.

  3. Jackk says:

    For future reference, you apply the scroll on the bow, then it’ll ask if you want to use a white scroll and then voila! done.

  4. Ari says:

    I’d trust you with my mage info <_<

    Everyone can tell you’re not an ass. AND!!!!!!
    You’re on the short list of people I’ve NEVER heard a bad thing about. Along with Huy, Kristy and Dustin.


    ❤ talk to you in game

  5. Jackk says:

    After some thinking I have decided to reply (Im dead tired so tell me if it doesnt make sense). You asked what I thought? and here it is:

    Thinking about batcave’s comment and what you said, a Bible Verse kept coming back to me.

    Matthew 6:5-6

    “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

    I have applied this to many different aspects in life. I will say this: Im not Josh, I dont know why he’s doing this stuff. I ask you these questions Josh and you come to your own conclusion: Why are you doing these good deeds? Is it really cause you’re a good person at heart? or is it because you’re doing it “to be seen by men”? I cant answer these questions for you and you have to do it yourself. You dont need to answer me. Just answer to yourself. It doesnt matter what we all say. At the end of the day, you have to be accountable to yourself and to God.

    “For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”
    Matthew 23:12

    i enjoy doing good deeds. giving is better than receiving.
    and it makes my day too. but publishing and letting other know
    the good deed that i do is JUST like the hypocrites from the Bible.
    no more bragging. although this is good deeds from These two archers.
    not MY good deeds. still. i get the point. thank you batcave and jack for
    keeping me accountable.

    there is another archer that has proven he got amazing personality
    that i have to share it on my blog. let it be my last time
    that i tell a story of another great guy. and i’m done bragging
    about good human nature.

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  7. Incredible! That can be incredible sharing. Many thanks much!

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