Was scared to 30% the next slot so I casted it on a
30% 6 slots Fire arund:


After failing 3 10% Cape Dex and a 30% Cape Dex
I thought “there’s no way I’m gonna get this work”
so I cast it on a Soul Searcher



5 Responses to FEAR

  1. Mible says:

    GG bowjob XD I saw your shop in fm 😛 You should give me one f3 lol jk ❤

  2. neonian says:

    Blargh, I wish i had loads of 2h sword scrolls, then my page would be happy….
    Buddy me ingame on AIiquot, though i’m thinking of making my name OvenCrispy…

  3. Ari says:

    I demand you check your email!!

  4. shymayhem says:

    if you threw those scrolls on the same bow…droool
    5/112 2 slots.

  5. Zen says:

    I remember that, I was there. 😀

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