Two pictures, 2 kinds of Good-bye

Hate this war.


8 Responses to Two pictures, 2 kinds of Good-bye

  1. Louniz says:

    Wow, just…. i’m speechless..

    me too.
    I’ve been watching news on China’s earthquake lately..
    every Chinese person are heart broken by this incident.
    there are times where I read some lines in the newspaper
    related to this makes me wanted to cry. well. almost.
    i just quickly finish the line and read something else.

  2. Snowy says:

    wow i was like is this to make us laugh becuz i didn’t know what the 2nd picture was.. and then when i zoomed in i was just like.. “…..”

    i wasn’t talking while looking at these pictures but i was like silent in the silence after i realized what the pictures were >< (yesh i’m a dumbo – not a word i think lol) may the person rest in peace =/ and all the other soldiers. also, the families of those who died~

    haha the thing i just said probably didn’t make any sense @.@

    I feel you bro.
    This makes me think that even though we have heard news
    on U.S. soldiers doing terrible things in Iraq, but there are
    soldiers (like this one in the entry)…..i kinda lost the thought..
    but im just saying, can’t generalize a group of people.

    just like, you can’t say Sins in MS are all KSers and jerks.

    I am just thankful that I am shelterd from this ….event
    or from China’s earthquake and other tragic indidents/accidents
    occuring around the globe as we speak. I am thankful to God.

  3. shymayhem says:

    how was your flight back to HK josh?
    and this war is stupid but I doubt it will end soon -_-

    it was good, Randy (hey your korean names on sw sig ^_^)
    aw, cant type korean on this laptop…
    well… I had…Soon-du(tu)-pu at the Inchon airport (if you can understand that -.-)
    and it was delicious !
    I also got to watch Jumper, National Treasure, and the Bucket List
    while flying from the States to Korea then to Hong Kong.
    THe Bucket list is a great movie. I’m planning to watch it again
    with my family.
    I’m in Hong Kong right now and the new apartment is amazing!
    i will probably write a blog post on this in the future..
    this week, i want to get that stupid 30% 170 scrolling video
    started and finished >:O

    hows your life Randy? keep in touch, man, oh , btw,
    i’m going to Korea for a week in early mid June :]

  4. Jackk says:

    My friend said this on buddy list yesterday:

    When I grad, Im going to enlist in the Marines.

    Then later on: Im not joining the Army. The army is for those who want to be included in the death toll in Iraq.

    Stupid war >_> I still stand by my statement: The US has never won a war that the Canadians refused to help them in (war when we burned down your yellow house, Vietnam, now Iraq)

  5. shymayhem says:

    Aahahaha “TheDarkKnight”
    Sounds like Batman in MS form xD

  6. LokiT says:

    I’m speechless…
    Just the other day one of my close friends said that he might have a chance to go to Iraq for canada and I’m been praying alot lately (even though I’m not christian) that it would not happen… This is definitely something that can affect many people from simple pictures…

    A picture = 1000 words.
    but a meaningful picture explains everything

    a friend of mine is in Iraq. he got married 2 months before
    he had to leave the States. that was a year ago.

  7. TeeKay says:

    So terrible I was at work when i seen it and started to cry. I put this pic up on my blog too (although its squished.. im a noob at blogs) but i linked you. We need to get our men and women outa there >.<

  8. HellHound8 says:

    Gosh that is why Bush is so freaking stupid. Every single day, things like this happens in Iraq. It’s just sad but at the same time, it pisses me off

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