Scrolling Video: finally a start >_>

June 9, 2008

Status: putting all 6 DVDs of Fraps into External harddrive

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June 8, 2008

So I made that video 3 days ago and
FINALLY after 8th upload attempt the stupid video
is on YouTube. The last 7 tries they all got uploaded
but the status: failed

Whatever. so now the video is up because I changed the
format from .avi to .mpeg and it worked come on
whats the logic man ? \o.O/

anyway~ here it is. make sure you watch it in high quality ! =D


I said watch it in HIGH Quality that means dont
watch it from this blog xO

ty :]

Congee got demodded for WHAT ?

June 7, 2008

Related contribution by Adura:
R.I.P Alysha, a hard working mod of SW
Alysha’s account is wiped out by Adura ( is going downhill) – March 5, 2008

if you are familiar with, you’ll know
Congee is OBJECTIVELY (ok maybe personally) one of the
most mature, intelligent, hard work ethic Mod/admin
that you ever encounter with.

I was chatting with Alysha on MSN earlier and heard the shocking
news that Congee got demodded. and why? I was told that

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edit: akumeiji SAVES THE DAY :D

June 7, 2008

if you check the right colum of this blog, you’ll
see that I wrote that the fraps that I recorded
won’t play on VLC and Windows Media Player
nor it won’t be loaded in Sony Vegas program

maybe it’s my computer’s fault
maybe the files (6 DVDs) are all corrupted

if you can download this 600 MB of fraps
from one of my scrolling experience and
help me determine if the frap files
are ‘redeemable’ maybe there are hopes
that I can find a solution and make the video



random cool site of the moment:

Classic photographs done in LEGOs


edit 2:

a piece of convo with Renato xD

Renato says:
dude, don’t you have anyone to talk about it irl? o_O

like, over here even the sellers advice us
Josh –  Hong Kong =D says:
i do and i dont
my friends
80% of my friends
are in korea

Renato says:

Josh –  Hong Kong =D says:
and i just graduated from USA
and my friends there, are in the states

Renato says:
you dont have many china friends yet?
Renato says:
ni hao

Josh –  Hong Kong =D says:
im in hong kong, this is a new city for me
lol xD

Renato says:
just go around saying ni hao

Josh –  Hong Kong =D says:
they speak cantonese i speak mandarin. gonna take some time

Renato says:
you’ll make lotsa friends

Josh –  Hong Kong =D says:

Renato says:
ni hao i farm you buy

and check out this video



I maded a rl video…

June 5, 2008

but YouTube eated it 😦

i mean, uploaded 4 times and they ALL failed. internet problem ?

it’s ~130 MB. If you are so bored you can take a look :p

it’s video about 2 roller coaster rides in Six Flags. thats all


Horry cow

June 3, 2008

Deviant pointed this in my previous post:

One of the Brazil MS Screenshot is my zakum SS? \O_o/ !


rook guys rook:

=OO !!



Take a look at Jackk/Retalion’s

Maple Story Anniversary Web Contest Entry


Jackk captured the essence of Maple Story,
which is Friends and online interaction.
It’s poetic with Jack’s trademark piano music
combined with thoughtful editing, I personally enjoyed the video a lot.

The climax of the video is 00:43~00:44

hahaha just kidding. GOOD JOB JACK 😀


June 1, 2008

life in Hong Kong is too occupaying in a good way

no update till later this week :p