Horry cow

Deviant pointed this in my previous post:

One of the Brazil MS Screenshot is my zakum SS? \O_o/ !


rook guys rook:

=OO !!



Take a look at Jackk/Retalion’s

Maple Story Anniversary Web Contest Entry


Jackk captured the essence of Maple Story,
which is Friends and online interaction.
It’s poetic with Jack’s trademark piano music
combined with thoughtful editing, I personally enjoyed the video a lot.

The climax of the video is 00:43~00:44

hahaha just kidding. GOOD JOB JACK 😀


6 Responses to Horry cow

  1. lois says:

    o.o lol u speak portuguese? Uu
    brazil ms ?
    i am brazilian >.< and yeah my inglish is bad 😛
    brazil ms coming?

    i dont speak brazilian but i have a mutual good friend living in Brazil.
    she said it’s freezing down there. well. the bottom half of Brazil that is

  2. Jackk says:

    rofl gratz Josh. Now you and Isaac both beat the game! (he had a pirate pq ss in MSEA) Dammit, when will I be able to join you two? >_<

    BAH. both Isaac and my ‘properties’ got ‘stolen’
    only yours remain unscathed .___.

  3. akumeiji says:

    Forget about this stuff, I just want to get to level 80 LOL.

    btw Josh are you going to live in Hong Kong from now on? I forgot if you said you were going on a trip or something lol.

    yes i am :O

  4. Jackk says:

    ooo boy. You mean MS might steal my music for the new maesteria expansion!?!? wut?

    Psst, where’s the post about me stealing your screenshot for my video entry? D:

  5. Jackk says:

    I dont thiink so.. I was just refering to your comment on my above post (the first one)

  6. akumeiji says:

    If anyone steals Jackk’s music, I’m his witness if he sues them 😀

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