Congee got demodded for WHAT ?

Related contribution by Adura:
R.I.P Alysha, a hard working mod of SW
Alysha’s account is wiped out by Adura ( is going downhill) – March 5, 2008

if you are familiar with, you’ll know
Congee is OBJECTIVELY (ok maybe personally) one of the
most mature, intelligent, hard work ethic Mod/admin
that you ever encounter with.

I was chatting with Alysha on MSN earlier and heard the shocking
news that Congee got demodded. and why? I was told that


Josh –  Hong Kong =D says:
WHY did she get demodded ?!



WHY her ?

first is you and other good mods

now her ?1

Alysha says:
umm cuz adura asked all the mods a few questions

lemme try to find the questions

Alysha says:
All staff members need to PM me with with the following info:

* If you’ve hacked MS
* If you’re currently hacking MS
* If you intend to hack MS
* If you’ve played a private MS server
* If you’re currently playing a private MS server
* If you intend to play a private MS server
* If you’ve assisted a private server
* If you’re currently assisting a private server
* If you intend to assist a private server

As for myself, I’ve not/don’t/don’t intend to all of the above. Though I do keep an eye on certain private server’s IRC channels.

and jan called adura hypocrite because adura is a hacker and helps pineMS private server, and jan helps flowsionMS and she answered the ‘if you intend to play a private MS server’ as ‘maybe’

adura said that the ‘maybe’ needed to be changed to a ‘no’ but jan didn;t budge and she got demodded
Josh –  Hong Kong =D says:

do you think i can post this on my blog and let peoeple know ?

or should i keep this private
Alysha says:
Josh –  Hong Kong =D says:
dude. wtf is up with Adura
Alysha says:
dunno, he has two hackers on his mod list


Alysha – EURO ’08, VIVE LA FRANCE! says:
congee’s account got GI’d

Josh – says:
GI’….sounds more serious than “demodded”

(goes sw and check congee’s statue)
Name protected
well, it is
her account doesnt exist anymore
Josh – says:
Name protected says:
neither does flowsion
Alysha – EURO ’08, VIVE LA FRANCE! says:
it exists but all of her posts have been put on global ignore
only mods and admins can see it
Name protected
well, explains why I cant see it


7 Responses to Congee got demodded for WHAT ?

  1. Zen says:

    My gawd. Such drama outside of Khaini.

  2. Jackk says:

    Where’s that pic of Adura you showed me?

    *remembers that you said that Alysha was from the same University Im from somewhere on your blog*

    i don’t know if it’s the time to post Sean’s picture.
    nor I dont think i should ever. what’s the point?
    to attack his look? or ??

    yea i think she lives in Canada, forgot which univ she goes to i can ask later

  3. Jackovitch says:

    lolz…. drama comes drama goes thats the way of sleepywood community =P

  4. kim possible says:

    So the drama

  5. Zankarst says:

    I want some nudes!

    … not really 😦

  6. […] well known members of even posted their drama in certain areas. I wonder why people would go far for such a forum? To even create a page for Adura […]

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